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    Default Whats wrong with DD?

    So about a month ago DD had a really high temp and was coughing so i took her to the Docs and they put her on antibiotics. The temp went down but the cough stayed around.
    Its now over a month later and the cough is still here. Ive been back to the docs TWICE. They put her on antibiotics again and still the cough is here. Shes now on day 4 of a 3rd lot of antibiotics and shes STILL coughing!!!
    The last time i went to the docs they gave her ventolin but TBH i dont reakon its asthma. What do you think?

    How was your young child diagnoised with asthma?

    She mainly coughs at night and when shes active or excited. Could it just be the cold weather?

    This cough ranges from very dry to sligtly mucousy IYKWIM.


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    If it is asthma she should be on a preventer, not just ventolin. That is a very poor way to control asthma and I would be asking for a referral to a respiratory specialist. Is the cough very alarming? Does she lose her breath? It very well could be a lingering virus, in which case antibiotics will do nothing. Have you tried increasing her vitamin c and just a few solid days of quiet home time in a heated warm house? Viruses set off my sons asthma. At the first sign of a virus and asthmatic cough this is what we do.

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    Sounds like a post-viral cough to me...(http://www.rch.org.au/kidsinfo/facts...fm?doc_id=9920) could hang aroung for up to 6weeks after a cold. When the throat gets a bit irritated with exercise or laughing etc it can set off the cough..Antibiotics will do nothing, and a Dr shouldn't be prescribing them unless there is a bacterial illness, it is bad for your daughters immune system, knocking out all the "good" bacteria. It always amazes me how GPs STILL hand out anti-biotics when there isn't an obvious bacterial infection...crazy!

    If your daughter is otherwise well, without fever I wouldn't worry, it will pass....eventually

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    I was diagnosed with Asthma in my late teens. My symptoms were/still are a cough at night especially when it is cold and coughing on exercise/laughing. In fact I had one of my worst attacks bought on by laughter.

    Dry persistant cough can be a sign of asthma


    I had this all the way through my childhood and it would also feel like I could not get a complete lung full of air. Hard thing to describe when you are a child.


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