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    Default Comfort items

    Dd has had her pillow since she was 6mthsiy was initially brought just to put behind her when she was sitting up. It's one of those triangle pillows. It became noticeable when she started walking that it was her comfort item when she started walking strong full time, around 18mth (ish) but the pillows always been there because I ended up using it in bed and we co slept. She's almost 5 now, in June. And I'm just wondering when will she not want it anymore. I've taken her special pillow shopping and let her pick a new pillow and case but she still has her pillow with her.

    Does your child have a comfort item?
    Did you encourage them too wean of it, or did they decide they didn't want it anymore, or you just left it.
    If they did grow out of it at what age?
    Should I be worried or just leave it? I'm worried she uses it for comfort because she doesn't knew her dad. He left when she was only a newborn.

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    My DS has a dummy which I hate. His 3 and I have no idea how to get him of it. My DD has a pink blanket which is as big as her and she drags everywhere and gets upset when I have to wash it and she has to wait for it to dry

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    Ds has me, I have tried so hard to get him to take to something (anything) he had a dummy til he was 16 months but it and I were his sleep comfort items, severe tonsilitis infection, reaction to antibiotics and reoccurance of infection ment he refused his dummy 3 days in a row, ob the 4th day he asked for it and I changed the topic, never had one again.

    Me on the other hand is a different story he needs when he's tired or upset or wakes in the night etc etc.
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    DD1 had a blanket. She still has it but no longer needs it for comfort. The only thing we stopped was her carrying it around everywhere, we limited it to her sleeps. She stopped needing it on her own.
    DD2 has a little plush Lamb called Lambie (or meemee as she calls it) and she has it with her pretty much ALL the time. It's a lot better than a blanket, so I don't see me stopping her having it with her around the house, though eventually I won't be taking it out of the house with us simply because if it got lost we couldn't replace it. Lambie comes from a German market, you see. (Why do they always attach themselves to items that are hard/impossible to replace? Lol)

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    Since DD2 was a little baby she had a snuggle toy from Best is Less, a little blanket with an elephant head on it. We introduced it as a sleep cue and she only ever has it for sleep time. She's quite attached to it though and will go grab it out of her cot if she's grouchy or tired or not feeling well. I either tell her to put Snuggles back to bed or I tell her to say bye to Snuggles and go put it back and then I give her big cuddles and comfort her. I'm pretty strict on the purpose of Snuggles and that it's a sleep cue and if she's sad or upset or not feeling well then mummy or daddy are there to comfort her.

    DD1 had a snuggle toy but wasn't really that fussed about it, it was more or less for sleep only and great for travel and sleep overs.

    Can you maybe restrict her use if it? She can still have her comforter but only for bedtime? Distraction also works for us but then again DD2 is 18 months and easily distracted:/
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