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    Default Spin off What happens after a late term abortion?

    Hope I don't upset or offend anyone with this thread. And please sont turn this into an arguement.

    I was reading the thread on abortion last night ( think its in this section) about when do you think it's ok to have an abortion (eg only 1st trimester or whenever for medical reasons). There was discussion about viability etc etc and it got me thinking about miscarriage/stillbirth.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but according to the law if you loose a baby before 20 weeks it's a miscarriage and doesn't require a funeral but if it's after 20 weeks it's a stillbirth and a birth/death certificate is required as is a funeral.

    So what happens if a person has an abortion after 20 weeks? Is a birth/death cert & funeral still required? I was sort of thinking of someone who has an abortion because they aren't ready for a baby etc and didn't realise earlier that they were pregnant until after 20 weeks (or couldn't have an abortion earlier for whatever reason) as opposed to someone that wanted the child but decided it was better to terminate the pregnancy because the baby had problems incompatible with life or something.
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    UbIm pretty sure You have to have consent to abort a baby after 20 weeks. I don't think you are legally allowed to abort a baby after 20 weeks unless it's for a medical reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MummaJez View Post
    UbIm pretty sure You have to have consent to abort a baby after 20 weeks. I don't think you are legally allowed to abort a baby after 20 weeks unless it's for a medical reason.
    yep. in australia, the latest possible is in victoria, by 24weeks - and that involves a heck of a lot of counseling etc to get the go-ahead

    its certainly not something you get just because you can't be stuffed being pregnant/having a child. (even if it is *just* because you don't want the baby - you would have to prove how it would seriously jeopardize your mental health from my understanding).

    But yes, i would assume that after a late term abortion you would be given a birth certificate, and expected to pay the cost of the funeral, same as with a stillbirth.

    [i'm not trying to be flippant, or offensive to anyone - and i'm not sure i worded it well, so i'm apologising in advance, to anyone i may have accidentally offended]
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