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Thread: four c-sections

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    Default four c-sections

    Hello, we have 3 beautiful children all delivered by c-sections, first was an emergency, the next two elective but all 3 babies were posterior, I also have reasonably easy, uncomplicated pregnancys. My question is my obstetrician who delivered all 3 babies mentioned that should be it now as my lining was thin (she mentioned this whilst I was in hospital after having number 3). My husband & I would desperately love to add to our beautiful family & have a number four. So has anyone out there had more than three c-sections & if so was it recommended or where you high risk, any complications etc? Will be discussing it further with my obstetrician & would only do it if there wasn't to much risk but just thought I would ask.

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    My friend had complications but her doctor wasnt happy!

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    This will be me in approx 5 weeks.

    I have had 3 c/s's and 2 D&C's. The ob told me after the last d&c when I asked him about the scarring, that I had healed up far better than was expected after what I had been through.This ob and my old ob, have been more than happy for me to have our much wanted and longed #4. I have been classed as high risk this time for the first time due to the c/s', d&c's and 2 previously undiagnosed blood conditions.

    All high risk means is that you get extra appt's, extra ultrasounds (I have my 5th one booked for next week). It also will mean that you can't go through a Midwife clinic, you will have to go through the ob, which will be exxy (but most can be claimed back on Medicare)

    As my previous ob said after DS1, you never know what will happen. He performed 6 c/s' on a lady before she needed a hysterectomy, whereas, he colleague had to perform one on a lady who was having her first bub.
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    My ob has 5 kids and his wife delivered all by cs. He said that the risk has to assessed based on the individual situation and not by the number of Caesars. I think you need to speak to your ob and go through what the risk is for YOU. Then make your decision from there.
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