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    You have already been given a lot of good advice so I wont repeat it but is your wife seeing anyone regarding her supply? A Lactation Consultant perhaps?

    The best way to establish a good supply in a healthy mumma and baby is to feed on cue, lots of skin-skin contact during those early weeks. You might find this link helpful. http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

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    Lots of great advice here for you already - I just wanted to add that I have a 5 week old and experienced the restlessness you are going through.
    It really was hard for me to work out what was happening.
    Bub was exclusively bf and was not gaining weight appropriately. I saw a lactation consultant who visited me at home (lots of times!) and listened and watched bub feed.

    Well..apparently my latch and position were perfect but bub was not swallowing the milk. He was sucking but not transferring the milk. When my milk came in originally I had an over-supply so bub did not really have to work too much at the breast.

    After ensuring bub was swallowing correctly and transferring milk to his little belly he is so much more content and is settling/sleeping well. I also bf every 2 hours around the clock for about a week. And we tried infants friend for his wind and really burped bub well.

    This may not be what is happening with your bub though - I did start a thread on the bf topic on how to increase my supply and I got so many helpful tips, hope this helps..take care of that super wife of yours I know how hard physically and emotionally it can be feeding and pumping and not sleeping!

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    Wow, had no idea this could be a growth spurt.... I'm currently experiencing a very similar situation.
    Bub has been reasonably content until the last couple of days. She was 3 weeks yesterday and though i was feeding her just as much as before i was concentrating on wind as an issue as it was for the first week or more.
    So felt very sheepish and guilty upon realising she was extremely hungry.
    I'm doing a similar thing to your wife mixed feeding topping up with formula and expressing after every feed. I know some people won't agree with this but, to save me some sanity i'm getting dad to feed her expressed milk in between me breastfeeding so i can skip a feed or have time to express while he feeds her. She feels fuller and i find it helpful at night when i need sleep too She's feeding alot and has easily almost doubled her intake from about a week ago. She seems much better for it but, same thing, she seems quite restless and disrupted from her routine, but am trying to keep to it loosely. Have fed on demand since the beginning so she basically dictates the routine anyway. Just trying to keep her night time bath routine the same as she sleeps better through the night
    Reassuring to hear it's quite normal

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    It's not that people don't agree with it, just that topping up or giving bottlefeeds often leads to premature weaning - whether you want that or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by share a book View Post
    I'd say growth spurt and more readiness to see the world around.
    was going to say exactly this.

    welcome to parenthood.

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    I think that this all normal, my 5 week old is the same.

    I try not to stress too much about having a routine, and we have very little play time because he is either feeding, sleeping or crying.

    DS also sleeps great when being held but not so well on the bassinet. In the first few weeks I just gave up on the bassinet and focused on him getting sleep because he was getting over tired and grumpy. Now I'm starting to introduce bassinet again and he had a full hour of sleep in it today! At other times he just sleeps in our arms during the day.

    One thing that doesn't work for us is to get him awake into the bassinet, he needs to be milk drunk. And the books and LC have told me that it is normal for newborns not to be able to fall asleep by themselves.

    I just try not to have high expectations and take it easy with bub. Slowly we will get there!


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