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    Default One for all the child psychologists out there...

    So DD1 (who will turn 4 in a couple of weeks) has been going to preschool for a year now. Last year she went Thurs/Fri and this year she goes Mon-Wed.

    Every Sunday afternoon this year we have had a major meltdown. It starts about 4pm, she gets whingy and teary. She wants a bath, then a shower (after the bath has been run), then decides she wants to get straight into her Pj's and go straight to bed. She says she doesn't want dinner, ok, maybe just a little bit. Her tummy hurts, she wants hugs, she's not feeling very good- she probably won't be able to go to preschool tomorrow. She basically doesn't stop crying and wailing until she's asleep a few hours later, usually on an empty stomach.

    So we try and relieve the anxiety- as frustrating as it is, we stop and sit with her on the couch, pat her face down with a wet washer, tell her if she's not feeling well we'll check her temperature in the morning and keep her home if she's not well. Basically we pander to her every whim. All the while, we're trying to get our other two little ones fed, bathed and in bed. We're all beginning to dread Sunday afternoons.

    She wakes up Monday morning bright and ready to go to preschool, she's excited to be seeing her friends and she proudly announces that she is feeling all better and I don't even need to check her temperature.

    She loves going to preschool- in fact the only time she's cried on a preschool day is when I've kept her home because she's been sick.

    Apparently my DH had similar anxieties as a kid- every Saturday morning before he went to his beloved cricket he would vomit in the back garden without fail...

    I feel like the Sunday night dramatics are doing my head in. I don't want to be dismissive of her feelings, but on the other hand I don't want to enable her to get stuck in a pattern of attention seeking behaviour when she's anxious. I don't think that would be doing her any favors or giving her tools to help process these feelings and get through them.
    One Sunday when the drama started, we convinced her to have a nap and she woke up fine, crisis averted.

    Any ideas, tips, suggestions?

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    im not any expert, but I do think making some diversion is a good idea. if even just having a nap can avoid the melt down, it should be some thing pretty easy to change. Maybe start doing some cooking for the preschool lunch, baking cookies or something. so the sunday afternoon is too busy to be bothered with the melt down. Dont let it be a habit, and dont make a big deal about it, just change her direction. Marie.

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    Can you plan something during the week to do on Sunday arvo when she usually gets cranky..like granny said, maybe some special baking that just her and mummy get to do? Tell her during the week so she starts looking forward to it.. What about a special movie every Sunday evening, have a bit of popcorn and make it into an early movie night...?
    It's like distracting her without letting her know you are purposely doing these fun things just because you don't want her to start having a meltdown.

    As for reasons, the fact that it didnt happen last year and is happening this year suggests to me that possibly Wednesday through to Monday is too big of a gap away from kindy.

    Is it possible for her to have a Friday session like last year?

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    Thanks for the replies!

    We were actually mid-movie yesterday when it started. I think the reason it didn't happen last year was that she didn't have quite the same grasp on the days of the week- now it's back to preschool after the weekend and since DH is off work she knows it's coming...
    We've got a few busy Sundays coming up, so I'll see what happens.
    I just don't get why she's getting anxious when she loves going so much.


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