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    Breastfeeding is hard. I also remember bleeding nipples
    And crying when feeding.. Like a pp, the hydrogel discs, together with lansinoh cream, were a godsend...

    Don't worry about your mother in law. Many oldies around the 1970's/80's were conned into formula feeding, it was very big back then. The pendulum has now swung the other way. I like how pp referred to her Doctor when confronted with
    Disapproval ("my doctor is happy with things so until that changes im happy").

    My hubby gives bubba a bottle of expressed milk in the evening. I wanted him to do that to help with bonding. Its great watching him feed bub. An occasional bottle has a plus: on Saturdays hubby will give the first feed and let me have a sleep in or go grab a coffee by myself. But seriously, bottles are a personal decision. You do what you want to do and don't let anyone bully you into doing otherwise. Breast of luck with the feeding

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    You are doing such an amazing job, well done!

    It can be difficult when other people offer well-meaning advice to wean. I find it's best to either smile and nod, or come back with a factual remark, depending on who it is.

    Here are some resources for healing sore/cracked nipples. There is some good advice for treatment before, during and after feeds. I also recommend some Lansinoh (comes in a purple tube). I have also provided a link for handling criticism from others, which has some helpful responses/comebacks

    Healing tips for nipple cracks or abrasions (Kellymom)

    Treatment of sore, cracked or bleeding nipples (Breastfeeding Essentials)

    Sore/cracked nipples (ABA)

    Handling criticism about breastfeeding

    It's great that your DH is supportive of you, but if you do need further support (especially from other Mums who are breastfeeding), perhaps get into touch with your local ABA support group LINK
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    Just wanted to wish you all the best on this incredible journey - go with what you feel is best - you know yourself and you know your baby better than anyone!

    I can also recommend nippleshields - they were a lifesaver (nipple saver really) when I had grazed and blistered nipples.

    Good luck with everything :-)

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    There is soooo much pressure to BF these days I think it's just people trying to tell you it's okay to give up. When my DD couldn't attach for several days in hospital after she was born the nurse suggested a bottle and I nearly cried with relief. I needed to be told it was okay. So although it's frustrating people are just trying to help you. Let DH feed a bottle of expressed milk every now and then, it's good they know how to take a bottle in case your not available.

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    I found it very frustrating when people told me that it's fine to switch to bottles when I was so desperate to breastfeed in those early weeks and was struggling.

    But it didn't work out and I DID switch to bottles at 6 weeks, which was the best thing for DD and I, so now I can see where your friend's and family are coming from too. I agree with the PP who said sometimes you feel you just need to "get permission" to stop trying to BF.

    Not saying you should stop of course. But in my situation I was stressing and obsessing so much about BFing, I wasn't enjoying life with my newborn. Taking away to pressure of BFing helped me bond with and enjoy my DD.

    How we feed our bubs is just one small part of being a mum. Do what you feel is best for YOU and know that your loved ones mean well and want you to be a happy mum.

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    It is so unfair that uneducated people feel they need to give such strong opinions on things they do not know about nor are educated in.

    Breast is best and good on you for sticking to your guns.

    If you need help please see a lactation consultant! I was at the point of being unable to feed, I paid a lady to come to my home and then I fed with her help and completely fed painfree.

    I really had no major issues and people still said to me to use a bottle. Lucky I had a very supportive husband and mum who helped me along my breastfeeding journey.

    Keep going and be very proud of yourself!

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    it usually starts to get better around the 6 week mark so hang in there if you can.

    Also definitely get in touch with the ABA & a lactation consultant for some support.

    Breastfeeding can be extremely hard, & some people will try to find a quick fix by telling you to go the bottle route…do what you think is right & do not be coerced in to making a decision based on the thoughts of others. I listened to too many other people when i had my first….now I do what I feel is right even if others think their solution is right.

    Stay strong & do what works for your family.

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    Funny timing reading your thread...We are visiting DP's family interstate for the first time since DS's birth. His immediate family are very supportive of our parenting choices so far.

    However, yesterday DP's great grandmother told me, within 5 minutes of meeting her great-great-grandson, that I have no milk and am starving DS and need to give him formula because he was screaming (during arsenic hour). I just smiled politely and walked away.

    I later talked to my mother on the phone. Her suggestion was "you should have pulled your boob out and squirted her with milk". Clearly mum was joking but it made me think that one of the best things people can do to continue their breastfeeding relationships is to surround themselves with supportive people, be it in real life, on the net or via phone (ABA). I hope the supportive nature of all the PP's helps encourage you with your breastfeeding journey and you find some people IRL who do the same. Good luck.


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