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    We live within our means, but we don't miss out on little things we want either.

    We went a little overboard late last year with spending out savings (birthdays/christmas), then our fridge died, we had to buy a new one and got a massive electricity bill (thanks to the broken fridge), and we've only JUST caught up with getting everything back in order (bills paid in advance, savings, ect).

    We need to have savings as we have no credit cards to fall back on in an emergency. We also have no other debt.

    Despite the fact that DH and I have enough money to live comfortably, neither of us are overly attached to owning our own home. Everyone says that 'rent money is dead money', but we figure we have a nice, safe home in a good area, and our rent is lower than a mortgage- not to mention we don't have to pay insurance, rates, and for repairs. We keep our money in high interest accounts instead, and once we reach a 'goal' it will go in to a managed investment account, and we will continue to save and repeat till we're happy, or our circumstances change.

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    Im 'lucky' I grew up poor, so am very conservative with money (usually) though I have friends who are from the same background who struggle to pay the rent (but have a huge tv, foxtel, smoke a pack each per day, eat takeaway 3 meals a day)
    On the other hand I have acquaintances who earn reasonable money, but are severely in debt, as they HAVE to drive a $80k car (loan) and live in a 'nice' suburb (renting)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantingtostart View Post
    We earn about the same and are in Sydney. I know how you feel. I stayed at home for years desperately trying to save. My partner and I moved out together last year, only renting, and the savings are minimal. we still have old cars, phones, everything. I wish my HECS debt would just disapear.
    Me too. If only we lived in Whitlam's days of free education!

    And I don't live extravagantly AT ALL. I buy my clothes from Target or Big W; I don't have foxtel, don't drink much or smoke, I have a prepaid phone, we're buying a car that will see us through 2 kids so we won't have to upgrade again...we don't 'live in the moment', we're desperately saving for a future but it just keeps moving out of our grasp! It's infuriating

    The killers are: groceries - so expensive. I try to go to markets for F&V and we eat very little meat; Public transport - such a fricken rip off in this stupid city; electricity and water (freestanding rental so we pay our own water and electricity etc)...

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    Haven't really thought about it but for us, well we were fortunate to buy our first house for next to nothing in a suburb that wasn't quite the slums back then but not a suburb anyone wanted to live in but it is now an up and coming suburb and we made a fortune from the sale which set us up. So glad we had the sense to buy when we did. When we were starting out though 13yrs ago both our wages were very minimal so paying a mortgage, bills and food was very hard and we struggled. Now we don't want for anything as we both have well paying jobs, we own a property, we both have brand new cars and a boat and a camper trailer which it's been great being able to pay cash for our assetts but our house is way too small now and we are about to leap into a big mortgage to build our new house but we wouldn't do it if we couldn't afford it. Next year we will be building on our vacant property and once we sell it we be able to pay a majority of the new mortgage.

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    I've always been pretty tight with money, I'm the sort of person who has savings I won't touch, doesn't like debt, always pays off bills and credit cards with any lump sums I get (tax return, CCR etc).

    I got a massive payrise this year and at first I went a little bit crazy with the shopping after 5+ years of having to watch every cent. I am reigning it in again now because my new job isn't permanent and I want to have a nice lot of savings in case my contract isn't extended. It is a really nice feeling to be able to go to the supermarket and buy whatever we want instead of only what's on special and only home brand though.

    As for housing, I am guilty of buying a nice house in a bad area as I am a bit fussy about my house.

    25 years ago my parents bought a "renovators delight" in a fancy suburb when they had 3 young kids, spent 10 years renovating it. They are now retired with a beautiful house in the city and their dream house in the country, so it all paid off in the end. I couldn't even afford to do that though - I think all the renovators delights in the nice areas have mostly been renovated now, so the renovators delights that are left are like hens' teeth and still ridiculously expensive.

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    Maybe the question should have been 'is it harder to live within your means'.

    I definitely think the cost of housing, especially in the city, has made things a lot harder.

    I still think there is more to it though. I think our generation is very bad at denying ourselves things we want. That is a gross generalisation I realise.


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