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    someone from here gave me the link its www.pouched.com.au i just brought some to put my daughters own squeezy yoghurt in so i don't have to pay the massive prices and i know whats in it.

    good luck

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    My DD2 was like this and my DS is the same. I tried everything but DD2 wouldn't budge. Once she was three, and old enough to truly understand what was going on I refused to give her anything to eat after breakfast until she'd eaten a piece of fruit of her choice. She could play and go about her day as normal but if she asked for food she was told to pick a piece of fruit. If she said no I said 'okay then, well go back and play but no food until you've had your fruit.' We spent a lot of time talking about being healthy and how eating fruit is important to be healthy, why fruit is good to you, how your body works when it is healthy and why it is unhealthy. If she got upset I would cuddle her and tell her that mummy and daddy just loved her too much to let her be unhealthy. This is why we didn't start until she was three, because I wanted to explain it all to her properly. I tried putting fruit in to her yoghurt once, she hasn't touched yoghurt since and it has been over 3 years! She always picked an apple, and sometimes it would take until 1pm before she'd start to eat it but she did. Now she's 4 1/2 and only eats apple and watermelon but she eats a piece of fruit every day.

    I'm going to use the same tactic with DS if he doesn't start eating fruit on his own. In the meantime he is on a multivitamin. He does like ot munch on carrot sticks though so that helps.
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    Have you tried making smoothies for him ?
    You can add all sorts of fruit to it.

    Also Apple/mango puree or mashed banana in piklets.
    Fruit muffins, slices etc
    Mix puree fruit with yogurt
    Juiced fruit
    Dried fruit, fruit straps

    Try cutting fruit up different ways than you normally would, you could grate apple and pear.
    Make melon balls with watermelon, canteloupe, paw paw using a melon baller.
    We make 'apple slinky's' that my DS loves. Its a contraption that you put the apple on a spike and wind the handle, it cores, peels and slices the apple into a slinky shape I then cut it down one side so DS has apple circles (he calls them his octo -alerts from the octonauts show)

    Spread mashed banana, grated apple etc between some rice thins.

    Put fresh dates, sultanas and apricots in scones.

    Hope this helps.

    I just thought of another thing, your DS might be too young but you could make fruit smoothie icypoles for him, with some icy pole moulds.
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    I make these for my girls and the LOVE them (I've guessed the amounts because I normally just throw stuff into the food processor). Put about a cup of dates and half a cup of dried apricots into the food processor and whiz them up, then added 250gms of cream cheese along with about 1.5 cups of crushed weetbix, about 1/4 cup of coconut and 1/2 cup of mixed seeds. Mix them in the food processor until the ingredients all stick together and then shape them into balls. I store them in the freezer because they dont really go hard enough in the fridge. My kids eat them straight from the freezer. They dont freeze, they just set better than being in the fridge.

    You could add different dried fruits to them. I know its not as good as getting fresh fruit into him, but its a start.

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    My DD went thru this stage too. Was a fruit nut, then went off it almost altogether (still liked bananas only), then after awhile she'd eat strawberries, then peaches, and now she loves it all again. Strawberries are always the clear winner tho, she'd eat bucket loads if I let her.

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    My 4 yr old always refused fruit. He eats raw beans and carrot sticks like they are lollies though so I never stressed.


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