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    Quote Originally Posted by nelle7250 View Post
    Hi I'm a single parent who works part-time too. your family tax won't chane until you earn more than about $40k your child support may change slightly once you are employed. As for parenting payment single you can earn $175 fortnight before it effects your payment add $25 fortnight for your second and subsequent children after this you will lose 40cents in the dollar until it's all gone. You may qualify for JET CHILD CARE too. You need to apply ASAP once granted you will only pay 10cents an hr for childcare for your first 6 months of employment. Can be a great help!! If u have any other questions feel free to PM me anytime.
    Wow thanks Nelle. I can't PM just yet as I don't have enough posts . May I ask though are you better off financially working part time or I assume you wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't the case. Child care before rebate for 3 kids terms time is $118 a week so I assume I will be eligible for at least $60 off that. In school holidays it may cost a little more. Is JET Care paid for 1 kid or more than 1? Paying a little amount can lift the financial burden that little bit more

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    1360 + 440 a fortnight is more than what I get working full time with both my kids in care.Tempted to give up work and do this and just study or something.

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    In answer to your question yes we are better off and a couple of days a week work saves my sanity sometimes I think.

    JET covers all your children so if you qualify will help you a lot. Also family day care is often cheaper than centre based care if you can find yourself a good carer in your area. I was a carer but had to give up to look after my mum and we've been through a couple before finding the right one and she's great.

    Enjoy your time at work and your time at home I look forward to hearing how you go.
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    Can I just ask, seeing as I'm all drooling about how much you earn for two days per week, what do you do? That is a really good salary!

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    Yes you will always be better off financially going back to work, as that's how the system is designed. However, there's many other factors that come in to play, for example, if it's the kind of work that's highly stressful, requires too much travel/commute time or little social engagement then one might decide it's more beneficial to stay home longer...

    What I'm getting at is that it shouldn't/isn't just about monetary benefit, although in some cases people have little choice but I believe you do in this case...? Hence my comments. But yes, you will be better off financially

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