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    Oh Hope next week is better for you...

    We are having the you are home all day while i work argument at the moment and i havent even had bub yet let alone am home all day. i've still got 6 weeks left of work and he's complaining already...
    Men they have no clue sometimes
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    ARGHHH! so i went and had my wonderful massage oh gosh it was magical! I did all the housework before the appointment so id come home to a clean house and be able to take a nap and chill while DH took DD out. I told DH this is my day! im declaring it!!!!

    I get home.....
    DD didnt have her afternnon nap because she was hungry! She didnt eat what DH offered her for lunch, so just b4 i walked out the door to go to my massage i told DH to please give her something else before she goes for her nap!!...obviously he forgot.
    DD was foul and i didnt get my nap or 5mins to myself after my massage.
    DH said he wanted to go have a drink with a mate he hadnt spoken to in a year because he just had his 4th baby and they are celebrating. So off he went.

    A day for me....pfffft! i knew it wouldnt happen.
    You are supposed to relax after a massage and take it easy i was, was never going to happen here, not for me.

    DD's routine was completely screwed up today because i wanted a sleep in...I WANTED A SLEEP IN NOT DH. what happens? DH sleeps in and so does DD which completely throws her out of whack the rest of the day.

    Im over it. Im just over it.
    I want to run away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferney View Post
    I dont work, i spend his money, i stay home all day - if i want to. I play all day with DD and make sure the house is presentable and washing up to date. I shouldt have much to complain about right?
    This is not true! There's no "his" money, it's the family's money , you work just as hard as he does. Being a SAHM is a full time job with no sick leave, no holidays, lots of overtime, underpaid and you deserve a break.

    Some days DS is so clingy, doesn't want to sleep and cries for hours. I love him so much but I'm so exhausted, cant wait for the moment DH gets home to hand him over. It makes me feel so guilty to both DH & DS.
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    Hey had one of those days too. My beautiful twins dd and ds were very naughty today. It all started in target with them running off on me hiding in the clothes and then fighting in the trolley. I could have banged their heads together. Then we get home and I make a snack for them and a coffee for my self. While taking dd to the toilet ds has tipped the coffee all over the carpet. I wanted to scream. I got so angry. The more I cleaned up the coffee the hotter and angrier I got. Dd then says to me "mummy are you ok?" I looked at her and proceeded to tell her why I was so angry. All she could say was "why". Any other day I would have laughed and smiled at this very concerned face, not today I got up and went out side.
    Some days are just so difficult.
    I can look back now and know I over reacted but I was just being a mum.


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