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    Default Exercising after a C Section

    Do I really have to wait the 6 weeks (its been a month)?? I'm not talking high impact sports or anything too full on... I just want to start going for 30 - 45 minute walks for fresh air and to get out of the house!!
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    Hi, I had a c-sec 13 months ago.
    I was the same as you and didn't want to wait until the 6 week mark.
    I must ask a personal question, are you still bleeding?
    The reason I ask is because about 3 weeks post c-section I did some walking whilst I was still bleeding and worst mistake ever! I was only walking for about 10-20 mins of constant walking and the bleeding and cramping was sooo bad, I honestly thought I had ruptured something so I went to my dr who told me to take it easy and when I felt sore, sit down.
    At about 5 weeks post c-section I stopped bleeding and started exercising, I didn't bleed but after wards for about 5 days my stomach so extremely tender which made me pretty peeved off! So I actually decided to wait until 8-10 weeks post c-sec and then exercised (short brisk walking) and still I was tender but not as bad.
    I had just recently started going back to the gym full time and have had personal training, and even 13months post I still feel tender but no where near as bad, it just feels like an odd numb feeling but it only lasts for a few hours the day after a work out.

    If your still bleeding I honestly wouldn't exercise just yet, you could make your recovery longer. But if the bleeding has stopped, I would try maybe just a little exercise and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Lol if you start to feel sore or something doesn't feel right don't push your self and stop.
    If you seem to feel fine then when it comes to the next work out just increase the time a little.
    I would not be doing sit ups tho... I wasn't able to do sit ups until at least 6 months post.
    I tried a lot before hand and ended up with keloid scaring on the inside, so please don try doing sit ups

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    I started gentle walking at 1 week and continued this until about 2 months when I started back at the gym, but a modified program as I was scared id do damage!

    My dr told me just to be careful and if I felt any discomfort, to just stop and give it more time.

    Having said all this though, I had a pretty easy recovery from what I've heard from other people... I imagine everyone is different!

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    I am no fitness freak but feel terrible if i dont feel active. Also getting out of the house & into some fresh air helps me stay sane. I was walking around the block 1.5 weeks after, but so so slowly. Took me a while to get much further. And as with the pp, I pushed a little too hard and the bleeding got pretty bad. No cramping etc, but felt very weak.
    Listen to your body. Get some fresh air and see how you go, slowly working your way up.

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    My Ob said start walking the day after my c-sect and slowly increase the distance you walk. I was going for long walks on the tread mill 4 weeks after my c - sect. As long as your not in pain from walking and you don't walk so much that your in pain afterwards it's fine and good for you. Go enjoy some fresh air

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    My bleeding stopped after two weeks, but that didnt mean I could walk much longer than 2min until about 4 weeks after. Then I tried walking around the block and had to call DP from work as I was about to faint. My recovery was pretty bad and long, I think before I felt anything like moving normally without pain was 7-8 weeks. Longer walks maybe from 10weeks. I think I went windsurfing at about 5 months and still felt every unstable and vulnerable. But as I said, my recovery was awful, due to long labour and emergency CS.
    But you sound like you're feeling good, so I'd advise to not go alone the first time and see how far you get. Then take it form there


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