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    Quote Originally Posted by lambjam View Post
    I understand what you're saying, but I see the other side too. I've been both a breast feeder who needed encouragement to push through, and a breast feeder who needed "permission" to let go.

    It's hard to make the call sometimes, but I think most people's hearts are in the right place and just want to help.
    I agree with ^^ this.

    It's up to the OP to sift through the advice they get and take what they need from it. Whether it is help and advice to keep going or comfort in knowing its ok to stop.

    It's a forum, 98% of the time people are just posting their opinion, what they have experienced and what they have heard in the hopes it will help someone else

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    I would suggest reporting such posts. The mods will have a read - most likely the poster won't get infracted, (unless they said something really nasty) but the post might get edited.

    There are guidelines for each section that specify that posts in those sections must be supportive of bf or ff (obviously depending on the section).

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    I post on my phone and don't see the section all the time so it could be that as PP have said. I got jumped on for my views in a FF section but don't really care because people do the same in the BF section anyway.

    When I had problems BF, I needed support and it hurt more and more every time someone suggested I just 'put her on the bottle'. If they are posting in BF section, chances are they are wanting encouragement, not 'permission' to give up.

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    what i find helps is to mention in the post that you wish to hear positive or pro breastfeeding (or whatever topic) it is responses - only because the mobile users can't see what the section is when they reply & some people may not glance over to the right of the screen to check the section either. But I totally understand your point - sometimes you want to be supported rather than "helped". I have had the same issue in the step parenting section & I have seen it in many others - so I guess the best way around it is to preface your post with the type of responses you might be looking for if you are concerned about negative or unsupportive posts….I wish there was another way but my baby brain can't think of one right now….I am sure the site could adopt a more obvious section breakdown so it is more identifiable as to where you are posting especially to the mobile users.

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    I haven't read the threads you are talking about, but I've never thought that the BF section was only for people who were pro-BF.

    That may sound silly, but I thought it was for anything 'to do' with BF. So that could be help needed, fears/ doubts about it, considering giving up, and all issues around breastfeeding - which could include stopping it.

    I understand it may not be very helpful if the OP is wanting help about how to continue, and people suggest giving up, but sometimes the original posts aren't that clear. Sometimes people talk about how hard they are finding it and, as someone who really struggled to BF (and in the end FF), I read those posts as needing support about all options open to them - including stopping breastfeeding.

    I haven't replied in any of these threads, btw, but just trying to make the point that to me a 'breastfeeding' section isn't only about 'continued breastfeeding'. A person who is considering giving up, but feels guilty/ conflicted may post in the BF section, because to post in the formula/ bottle section would be something that you might do AFTER making the decision to switch - if that makes sense?

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    You can't sit there saying that *everyone* needs encouragement. Some people do need permission. Why do I say this? Because I was one of these people. I had people encouraging me and then when somebody finally shrugged their shoulders & said "look, you have to do what's right for you." I burst out into tears because that's exactly what I wanted to hear.
    As I said, people will take the advice they want to hear. If they don't like it, they'll ignore it.

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