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    Hi Erin. My DD is 20 months and here are my answers to your questions.

    What is/was your

    attention span: if it is something she likes doing, or a book she's loves, then 5 mins is probably her max attention span.

    Tantrums per day? ALot.
    TOTAL MELTDOWNS per week: probably 2-4.

    Baby proofing: we've baby proofed everything we can and she still gets into things.

    Distraction works 50% of the time.

    After breakfast (7am) and before lunch DD is relatively compliant. I use this time to work, study and do house work. The afternoons are a complete write off because of her mood.

    Energy levels = endless.

    Driving – ah no DD can undo her car seat buckle and needs full supervision at all times.

    Can you take your eyes off them for a minute without worrying about what they are up to? I'm not talking about not supervising them or anything I mean say you turned your back for a minute or two to wash your hands, or to take food out of the oven etc etc would they be into stuff straight away that they shouldnt be?

    Notice: if I give DD heaps of notice we really do manange the Tantrums well. Zero notice can SOMETIMES /= total meltdown.
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    OP, my 3 were very much like your DD at the same age. I had to get them out of house every morning to burn off energy or we'd all go crazy.

    A lot of the time we'd go to the local Westfield at 8.30am so they could play, burn off energy than get a baby cino & muffin. They'd fall asleep in the car on the way home & I'd transfer them to bed. This went on for months but it worked.

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    DS is almost 21 months.

    What is/was your childs attention span like at this age? Can they sit through a straight forward activity like reading a story/drawing/a quick coffee at the shops? Significant eg half hour? 5 minutes? Non-existant?

    Between non-existent to 5 mins. Depends on what it is. Coffee, no chance. Drawing, few mins. Story, again only a few mins. He plays alone well tough but does go from one thing to another.

    On average how many tantrums would you say they would have in a day/week?
    About 3 a week. Sometimes none. Sometimes three a day :-0

    Is your house baby-proofed enough, eg with normal babyproofing are they fine or are they still into absolutely everything?
    Baby gate into kitchen and socket covers. Everything else is normal and he's into a lot but not everything.

    Are you able to use distraction effectively to stop them doing something?

    If you tell them no for whatever reason and direct them onto something else will they listen and move on?
    Not always.

    Can you do housework/baking etc at some point in the day and your LO will happily play alone or help out without having a tantrum?
    Mostly yes.

    What are their energy levels like?
    Very, very high.

    Do you have still have big issues with everyday things such as nappy changes, getting into/out of a car, getting them to sleep?
    DS is in cloth and I've started letting him choose his nappy which I've found helps with nappy changes. He's mostly good with nappy changes. Getting in the car is fine and getting out is fine but I have to make sure I have his hand otherwise he'll try & do a runner. Day naps are fine. Sleep at night is ok except we've recently put him into a single bed so he gets out of bed and comes no the lounge room at least half a dozen times (usually more) before surrendering and going to sleep.

    Driving – Are you able to drive and fully concentrate on your driving without having to be worried about what the child is doing in the backseat.
    Yes. He's great in the car, though does whinge on trips longer than 30 mins.

    Can you take your eyes off them for a minute without worrying about what they are up to? I'm not talking about not supervising them or anything I mean say you turned your back for a minute or two to wash your hands, or to take food out of the oven etc etc would they be into stuff straight away that they shouldnt be?
    Depends on where we are in the house but mostly he's fine. Our house is such that whatever he can get into isn't goings hurt him as long as I'm vigilant about keeping doors closed.

    Do they take a long time to switch to another thing – eg if you have to go out do you have to give a LOT of notice to getting ready etc in order for them to get out without tantrums?[/FONT][/SIZE][/h]

    Nope, we just go out. He loves going out.


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