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    Unhappy Having 2 reflux babies !

    Hello Everybody !
    im new , my name is lynsey and i live on the east coast in england , i have a 2 year old son who was eventually diagnosed with reflux when he was about 3 months old ! i knew from an early age there was something not quite right and wondered what i had done to deserve a baby that was miserable and crying all the time know matter what i did ! but kept being told it was just colic .. untill he stopped putting weight on and bringing back 9 out of 10 feeds , constant wet babygrows and bibs . we tried gavisgon first but that just seemed to just upset his bowel movements and distress him when he tried to poo . we were then put on ranitadine and donperidone and it completely changed him along with keeping him elevated all the time he turned in to a normal happy baby and we got our lives back !!! he grew out of it at around 10 months and is now a very happy and clever 2 year old !! we decided to have a second child who is almost 6 weeks old and when she was around two weeks old she started squirming when she fed and gagging alot and we soon realised she was starting with reflux aswell , i could not belive we had another one with the same thing and what had we done wrong !! we are waiting to see the paed about her and we will not be fobbed off this time . she cries and squirms all the time while feeding and straight after ! she gags and regurgitates alot especially when she tries to sleep ! she seems to be in pain and distress when she needs a poo which is a little strange but my son was the same , its such hard work with a reflux baby when you cant settle them and the crying drives you insane even though the poor baby cant help it , it really gets you down , your tired and unhappy because you cant enjoy a normal happy baby !!

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    I feel your pain unfortunately
    My firstborn never vomited at all, so I wasn't prepared for my son! He was just as you described your boy and I had so much trouble getting him to sleep, and keeping him asleep for more than 5 mins. He was off meds by 8 months.
    So now my 7 weeks old dd has been put on losec aswell. She has much the same symptoms but is a better, more settled feeder thankfully. We actually had to take her to emergency at 4 weeks after vomit entered her airways and she stopped breathing. Was terrifying to say the least.
    Anyway just wanted to say I know how you feel with having two refluxers, it's exhausting!
    Take care xx

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    My first was a happy chucker, my 2nd screamed 6 hours a day EVERY day until she was 4 months old and her meds were finally managing the pain. At 3 months old she was refusing to feed, losing weight and pooing blood. I had to completely eliminate dairy and soy so I could keep feeding her.
    I went off all dairy and soy before my 3rd was born, but by 8 days old he was on reflux meds. He's 3.5 months old now and we're managing his reflux well with meds and my diet. He is gaining weight, reaching his milestones and is a happy, settled baby. I think it's purely because I was so pushy with getting his dosages right in the beginning we are reaping the benefits now.
    I hope things start to improve for your little one. If you haven't come across it, the NZ reflux website "cryingoverspiltmilk" is a great resource.

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    It certainly seems like reflux runs in families. I am in the midst of dealing with my third refluxer. My 2 year old is still on meds, but is a whole lot better than he used to be. I am still trying to get the right dose for my DS3 as he is still struggling. I hear you, it is not fun!


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