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    Default 5wk old fussy on the breast

    My DS is extremely fussy and sleepy on the breast. He pulls his head back to the point where I have to force it onto the breast, he latches on but not for long, he falls asleep on the breast but is not finished and plays with the nipple in his mouth. I hold him upright a few times during a feed so he burps and to wake him up. He has put on good weight, but it's getting increasingly frustrating as feeds are very long and he wants to feed more frequently. Has anyone experienced this and have any suggestions? I'm really not enjoying BF at the moment...

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    Sounds like you are trying really hard to keep breastfeeding going but struggling with a tricky situation. Have you called the ABA hotline??? A trained counsellor can help you the number is 1800 mum 2 mum. Good luck it will get easier (and faster too)

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    I have no advice but wanted to let you know my 4 week old is doing the exact same. Feeds were taking me ages anyway (up to an hour) due to infection, nipple sheilds etc) but he would finish full bellied and I knew he had fed. Now he seems to play but I honestly can't tell sometimes and it's now taking up to an hour and a half and he doesn't really settle after (or he does for half n hour and then screams again)
    How do you tell if he has had enough
    I'm not liking bf either at the moment and I'm nearly in tears everyday as I feel like I can't feed him.
    Hopefully someone out there can help us, but in the mean time *hugs* to you, you are not alone

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    Maybe he just wants to suckle but doesn't actually want milk? My DD used to do this and we worked out after a while that she would scream when she got milk but search for the nipple straight away again to suck, and the cycle would continue until I took her away from the breast and got her to sleep some other way (hug a bub

    Otherwise it might be worth you going to your GP and asking about Silent Reflux. Things that helped me with colicky and refluxy and fussy babes were my Hugabub, dummies, swaddling (even re-introducing it if you have stopped), co-sleeping.

    Hang in there, its so difficult with fussy feeders, I really feel for you. My DS was extremely fussy and had silent reflux, he would pull off, fight it, scream, suck, scream, pull off, arch his back, throw his head back, etc etc and he got better at about 12 weeks but was never great at feeding.


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