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    Default Grrrrrr dp vent!!!!

    i am so annoyed and soooo angry with him right now!!!!
    I have been home ALL day in this bloody 35 degree heat with 3 irriated children (becuase of heat) and also 33 weeks pregnant with #4 while he just comes and goes as he pleases and spends the day with his friends.

    He comes home and goes off his tree cause im sitting on the couch infront of a fan as i have felt like i was gonna pass out all day while the 2 older girls were playing out on the front patio ( i could see them) and DS was inside watching them threw the window as every 2 seconds i was literally having to get up and getting him off chairs and other objects he was climbing up on. I am exhausted from a LONG HOT day with 3 children and carrying a HUGE belly around with me also. Meanwhile hes sitting on the computer while telling me to look after my child ummmm hello you havent been here all day to even help in the slightest way with them and now your sitting on your *** telling me to look after my child!!!! like honestly how can you have the god dammm hide to sit there and say that!!! im exhausted!!
    I do EVERYTHING every day!! look after the kids, cook dinner, do the washing etc etc all the chores that come with a household and children while you either A: sit on your *** or B : arent home and out with your friends instead of looking for a job like you should be!!!
    so now he has once again taken off again!!! im over this!!! i just want a god damm break!!! why isnt it acceptable for me to just get in my car and go and see my friends etc without having to worry about kids - not that i would ever do that becuase i know where my responsibilities lie!!!
    BUT in all honesty it would nice if for just 1 day he would take care of all of them while i went and done something for MYSELF before bub #4 comes.

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    You poor thing, that sounds awful!
    Is he is always so disrespectful, unhelpful, lazy, selfish and inconsiderate?

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    Oh my, that sounds incredibly frustrating and infuriating, and I feel your pain!

    This sounds like something I could have written when I was pregnant with DS (but I only had DD to look after. I don't know how you manage to do it with 3 kids - You deserve a medal the size of a frying pan!) It is often so difficult to explain how inconsiderate it feels when we are in the midst of it all, as as it usually turns into an argument.

    Is he often like this? And if so, is it something you have tried to talk to him about?

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    When i was heavily preggers I'd get DS into bed then go off and see a movie. As long as you have your phone and it's not a million mile trek you'll be more than fine.
    Your entitled to time out too, actually I'd say you get first serve!

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