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    Default Silent reflux suspected, gaviscon stop working?? opinions please!

    Bub is now 3wks2days old. Got given gaviscon to try for 3-4 days by gp after suspecting silent reflux.
    Bub stays up longer than 4-5hours at a time sometimes, arches his back through a feed, pulling off and crying, stiffens his legs, goes extremely red in the face, has a husky coarse voice when sleeping, and gets upset and comfort sucks half way through, as soon as he's put down after a feed showing all the tired signs (spacing out, yawning etc.) even if he is limp and asleep from being on the boob, (feeds are at least 45mins-hour) 5mins later he wakes himself up with a mighty blood curdling pain scream and this continues through until his next feed 2 hours later and so on.. he spits up alot but doesn't vomit, and you can hear him swallowing alot of the time, then screaming more. He's burped often, and without a bloated tummy still screams away when put down. He seems better if he's held upright, and we've elevated the head end of the bassinet for him to help.

    It was a big hassle finally finding a good gp for little one that actually listens!! We went to first gp and as bub was screaming for a feed he wouldnt listen and just kept suggesting to take bub out of the room cause he 'couldnt think'.. Because bub has been putting on weight (300grams a week!) he didnt think reflux simply from that fact and him not vomiting.. But in my opinion he does ALOT of comfort feeding/sucking, not swallowing properly but 'chomping' so to speak, other than that latch is fine etc. The only thing he suggested was gripe water and this didnt help a smidge! Neither did colic relief (braurers brand), so all seemed hopeless..

    But then we tried the gaviscon and oh my god it seemed to be like magic! His face wasn't as red all the time, he went straight to sleep when we got him down after a feed and didn't rewake, he generally seemed like a happier bub!

    But as of yesterday morning on the third day of using it he seems to be getting back into his old shoes again. He's not as red in the face still, and when he eventually goes to sleep he stays to sleep so it Is doing SOMETHING but when we go to put him to bed he wakes up again 5mins later still in pain.. And he's not hot/cold, not dirty/wet, not bloated... Seeing the gp again tomorrow for a follow up, she said if it seemed like the magic elixir that she will prescribe something else for him, but with him 'relapsing' so to speak I don't know how keen she will be?

    Does this happen to alot of refluxers? The gaviscon stops working properly after a few days? Am I right with thinking he has silent reflux? The gaviscon did do something to begin with.. I don't want him on meds that change his stomach acid if he doesn't have it but I feel strongly that it is silent reflux....

    Help and opinions appreciated!!


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    I am far from an expert, but my DD suffered with what they called silent reflux - but she would also bring up alot of saliva ... not large vomits - but little bits continually.
    It could be s/reflux - but also, cholic? i understand they are different things. I don't have alot of knowledge on it, but it is something you could discuss with the Dr.
    Also - is your baby breast fed? Could it be something in your system that is upsetting bub? (as in, something you're eating or taking that could be being passed thru breast milk?)

    The continual arching of bub's back, and unsettled nature at such a young age indicates something is going on in bub's belly etc... I think you just go through some different ideas with the Dr - and hopefully they'll have some answers.

    I used milanta (had an older nurse, and she was fantastic) I would put the tiniest bit on a dummy (didn't want to use a dummy, but was the best thing after this) and let bub suck on it afte feeding. Just had some there in a small container ready for after feeding... Didn't always work it seemed, but if i didn't do it - it was terrible.

    Hope things improve soon.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for your reply went to the gp thismorning and she agrees it is reflux. We are now gonna Start bub on losec beginning tomorrow and seeing how he goes for a week. If all is well and it is working then we will keep him on it until about 3months then try a month without it to see his progress. Doc also suggested with refluxers to begin solids a bit earlier, so rice milk or sweet potato etc from about 4months rather than 6. Hope all goes well!!


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