To make it easier for viewers to find each other, please post threads about playgroups, meet-ups or local issues in your local area section rather than in this Playgroups sections.

You can subscribe to your local section to make sure that you never miss out on a meet up, coffee date or potential playgroup ever again! By subscribing to a forum section, you’ll receive a notification each time a new thread is posted in that section.

We are working on a whole heap of new features for the forum to help making and finding friends and finding local things to do even easier.

Subscribing to a forum section means that you’ll only get a message when a new thread is started and your inbox won’t get clogged up! No technical knowledge or specialist software is required. (If you do want to get every message for a particular discussion, you can always subscribe to that particular thread in the usual way).

To subscribe:
1. Navigate to the forum section of interest. Any time you see an RSS button (screenshot), you can subscribe to that section.
2. Click on the orange RSS button
3. A screen will open up like this. Select where you want the feed to go – most people are happy for it to go to the email inbox, usually Microsoft Office Outlook
4. Click on the Subscribe Now button
5. A box will open up in Microsoft Outlook
6. Click Yes (bub hub is a safe and trustable source)
7. A sub-folder will appear in your Outlook inbox called RSS. A Bub Hub folder will appear here automatically and your emails will go into this folder each time a new thread is started in your chosen section.

Easy as!

You can delete a subscription at any time by simply deleting the relevant outlook folder