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    Default Private Health Insurance

    Hi Mums and Dads,

    My family does not have private health because I have always felt there was no need because if there was an emergency my girls would be treated at the royal childrens hospital for free and if they need to see a specialist or dentist etc I would just pay for it...

    Do you have private health? Why? Which company?

    Thanks for your advice.

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    We are with medibank private and so glad we are!

    Whilst I was pregnant I was in hospital 4 times - cost us $500 excess but just one stay would have cost more than that!

    I have a few health issues and DH sees a physio for only $30 a time. SO helps us out a lot!

    As long as we can afford it we will have it

    Our Family

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    I don't have it but I think I should get it but the cost is what puts me off. Being an older mum it's pretty exxy when you have never had apart from extras which don't count to the lifetime thing.

    The reason I say I should have it is that although emergencies are covered lots of non urgent things have mega waiting lists. My son had to wait a year for a grommets op that only took a few minutes to do. He now has speech delay. I know families who have had to wait years for their child's spinal & brain surgery, because it was not considered life threatening. Things like tonsilectomy have long waits & in the the meantime your child can have a lot of pain every time they get struck down by it.

    Also for the adults things like knee and hip ops have waits of several years on them so it's all well and good if you injure yourself in a car accident or at work, you'll get fixed quickly but if you do it just in everyday life or playing sport or whatever you could be waiting many many years for an op in the public system. A lot of the basic hospital covers that people have don't even cover knee and hip ops and you often have to have top cover to be covered for such things.

    I've noticed a number of people only seem to have it for having babies & then they drop it when they are done & I find that weird as you can have a bub for free in the public system without any wait or anything, but then all the above comes in to play once you've had children & it seems that would be the time to be covered.
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    Yes I have private health, and yes I think its incredibly important.

    While its true that in an emergency you will be treated in the same way whether you have PHI or not .... what if its not an emergency?

    What if your children need grommets? or need their tonsils out? or need a tooth extracted (often done in hospital)?

    My DH hurt his knee (after a concert) last year ... the waiting list for knee surgery was 2.5 years!!!! He had the op within a month.

    Also, in relation to kids especially, but specialists in general, access to specialists is not only about paying for the appointment, but often specialists will only take you on if you have private health.

    In my own case, I was about to undergo IVF ... I had a heap of blood tests which came back with a couple of high results. Nothing that you would normally do anything about, but enough to cancel my cycle. I had no symptoms of anything being wrong.

    I was referred to a haemotologist, and because I had private health insurance I was able to see him within 2 months. The wait for his public patients was 15 months or more (probably longer for me as I had no symptoms). He saw me on a Friday and booked me into hospital to do a bone marrow biopsy on the Monday (something that DEFINITELY would not have happened without PHI) .... I was diagnosed with Luekaemia then.

    Because I got to see him straight away ... and got into hospital to do the tests etc ... my treatment options are much better, my outcomes are fantastic and my general quality of life is an enormous amount better than if I had had to wait 15 months or more.

    This time last year, I was experiencing some issues transitioning to a new drug (very unexpectedly .... its not normal for someone with my condition and my results to experience any difficulties) I was in a lot of pain ... called my specialist and said 'I think I need to be admitted to hospital'. I did not go to emergency ... I just rang him. On the strength of one phone call, my doctor arranged for me to be admitted immediately to the private hospital where I stayed for a week. I dint have to wait, didnt have to do anything ... just rocked up and was taken directly to my room. I have not received a bill for that at all.

    If I didnt have private health, and I had gone to emergency (I was in IMMENSE pain and needed morphine) I would have spent I dont know how many hours in an emergency waiting room before being seen to or admitted ... it wasnt life threatening ... just incredibly painful.

    Now I realise that you dont have medical conditions that may have these issues .... but then again, neither did I when I had DD.

    My point is - its insurance. Its not for what you know that you need now .... but for when something unexpected happens.

    I would hate to think of what my life would be like now if I didnt have private health heading into all this.
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    We have whole family cover with medibank private. we had a bad experience with the public hospital when one of our children had to go to hospital and the very next day when we got home we joined private health cover.

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    Medibank Private here - second top cover (now that they added the new top)...

    Why I have it... Honestly, i just didnt get rid of it after coming off my parents. Just got my own...

    okay not the cheapest thing in the world, but it's the public waiting periods that scare me... My mum broke her collar bone and doesn't have PHI, her collar bone healed way before she could have had surgery. yet had she had PHI, she would have been seen earlier.
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    We have it - we are with NIB - and more than get our monies worth.

    My son had to have his tounge tie cut - it was done in the private hospital 2 weeks after discovered - public wait 18 months.

    My husband had all 4 wisdom teeth out - less than a months wait.

    I am about to have my second baby in the private system.

    My son and I regularly see physios (our son has orthodics - we got him them immediately, public wait 6 months just to be assessed). We all regularly see the dentist.

    All the hospital stays above have been no gap so have only had to pay the excess.

    Wouldn't be without it - especially now we have kids. If our son didnt have his tounge snipped when he did he would have had speech delays.

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    We took it out before I had DS2 so that I could have him privately (which I did).

    We only have basic hospital cover now through Frank, because it's all we can afford. But we have it for all the reasons that other posters have stated.
    I was recently in hospital for DVT in my leg but I went public because it was free and I received the same level of treatment. But if we needed something urgent or elective done then we would use our private health ins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KatiesMum View Post
    My point is - its insurance. Its not for what you know that you need now .... but for when something unexpected happens.

    I would hate to think of what my life would be like now if I didnt have private health heading into all this.
    so true!

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    We're with NIB.

    I've had both boys in private hospitals with my OB there. All up it was under $1000 for each pregnancy including scans.

    DS1 was in the SCN for 11 days - $800 a day but covered by private. If public he would have had to be transferred to another hospital.

    Hubby's broken nose was fixed in a week. Public said he would have to let it heal incorrectly and, if he had breathing issues in 12 months, he could wait for an appointment to get it rebroken.

    DS2 needs to see a pediatric chiro.

    Hubby's 11 fillings (one for each year he refused a check up) maxed out our annual dental but a lot was covered.

    When I lost one of my two babies with my first pregnancy I didn't have to wait in emergency with "unexplained bleeding" like a may have at the local public hospital. I was admitted straight away, although only looked after by a nurse for 20 minutes until a dr was free.

    As a PP said, it is insurance. You may never need it, but I want to know it is there if we need it, which we hopefully won't.
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