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    Default 40 days start solids

    i know a lady started solids at 40 days....
    perfectly healthy baby no tummy pains
    u dont need to start with a big plate start very slowly with a lick one day
    2 licks the next and build up onit. i think 6 months is too late to start solids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dags View Post
    Oh and she's feeding about 4 times a day from 7am to 7pm, and am feeding 3 times during the night. During the day if I give a formula top up it's q20ml with a final formula feed of 180ml before bedtime.

    She's gone from doing the occassional 6-7 hour stint of sleep at night to wanting to be fed again every 3-4 hours. She used to go down really well between feeds at night but is becoming more and more unsettled.
    a 4 hr gap between feeds during the day is too long and 7 feeds a day is too few IMO. Around this time your hormones change and by limiting your feeds (and introducing top-ups) you are unintentionally harming your bf supply. A better option would be to offer more feeds during the day. supply = demand and the more you feed the more you make.

    there is a good article by Pinky mckay on bubhub that explains it better.
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    Honestly op, I don't think starting solids will make any difference to sleeping. My ds1 fed 4 hourly overnight until 9 months old and the still woke once a night until about 15 months. He was just hungry. We started him on solids at 4 months at Mchn recommendation and he was definitely hungry eating several spoons full within a couple days. But it made no difference to his feeding.

    He is a really light sleeper still now at 4 and often gets up in the night.

    I had to wean my dd2 off overnight feeds at about 5 months old as she started waking every 2 hours (daytime was too exciting for her to waste time feeding) and did so by decreasing the breastfeed volume she was taking over the period of a fortnight. I also cluster fed her in the evening to try to get her sleeping longer. She had been sleeping through at very early stage but wasn't gaining weight so when she woke one night I fed her and soon she was waking multiple times. Again starting her on solids at 4 months (because of weight gain concerns) made no difference to her overnight feeding.

    My advice would be to increase the daytime feeding for a couple days to increase daytime supply and try the slow wean of overnight feeds.

    Good luck!

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    Someone started solids at 40 days?! So so wrong that poor baby. Give the kid a chance to be a baby!

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    I would be contacting the ABA, and trying to get some support for getting bub back on breast. IMO the formula is probably causing more trouble than help throwing off your supply. The ABA can tell you how to get it all back on track. I also I also think 3 mth is too young for food, or good sleep! There is research that shows babies this young have trouble digesting "solids" hence the WHO recommendation of 6 months. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you.

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    I have also seen Dr Brian symon and have started my son on solids from 2 months (were talking like 1/4 teaspoon) because my son wasnt putting on much weight. He slept through at 3 months. My son is now 6 months and is a fantastic eater and I couldn't imagine what it woulve been like if we didn't start solids then. He went from under the 10th percentile to the 50th. FYI, Dr symon has done extensive research on infant eating and sleep and has worked in this area for 30 years. In my opinion "recommendations" should be updated with all the new research that exists now, maybe not so young as 2 months as all babies are different with different needs but definetly 4 months. The 4-6 month bracket is the perfect window to introduce wheat, egg and peanuts and can reduce the risk of some of these allergies by up to 500%. I will find a reference... I just hate how CYH nurses say no way should you give your child solids before 6 months and then say that well actually if you do give solids earlier, yes it can help with speech and allergies. Doesn't make sense to me.

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    My ds is 3 months and just started on farax once a day he has also had banana he's had no issues and loves his food so far

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