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27-12-2005, 13:07
the vets are all closed the last 2 days obviously and i REALLY want to know how much it is all going to cost my partner so i can know what type of reaction to expect when he finds out the price.....LOL:D

we have a dog that was RUDLY given to my son for christmas when i CLEARLY stated we did NOT want a dog... but my dad is a jerk and got my cousins who drove for 2 days to bring one of their pups down for my son. and anyways it would have been a slap in the face for them for us to decline it when they went to all the troubles of sneeking it into hotels and stuff just to bring it for us... but they could have checked with us first and not just took my dads word... now they are gone back to QLD my dad is DEFINATLY going to hear my thoughts on this !!!

anyways now we have her... we DO love her and WILL take GREAT care of her... and well she isnt desexed or microchiped and we need to get it done cause i dont want any puppies and i definatly dont want to loose her specially since she runs away from you instead of to you when you call her... she thinks thats a fun game making us run after her down the street !!!:rolleyes:

so does anyone know how much it is approx to desex a tiny female dog?! and microchip?

maybe i should hit my dad up for the money since it was his bright idea to get this dog... *giggles* :p

27-12-2005, 14:47
You're really only going to get a representative answer by talking to your local vet. Fees will vary between practices. Vets should be open today and the remainder of the week.

If you adopt a dog from one of the animal shelters (such as RSPCA) the adoption fee of around $200 usually includes initial vaccinations and desexing. So as a rough guide you could figure on that. And off the RSPCA website: Some RSPCA Veterinary Clinics offer desexing at a discounted rate. To check whether this service is available please contact your local state or territory RSPCA.

Some shelters will run doggy fun fairs periodically, and I know the one in Perth organises to have microchipping available at very low cost or free.

You also need to factor in the cost of puppy vaccinations and an obedience course. The obedience course is not just for puppy but for you (or your partner) to learn to be consistent with commands so that pup can obey them.

Pet insurance is available too. Similar to health insurance for us, it will help to pay vet bills for illness or injury (and with 2 accident prone dogs I wish we had invested in it). Pet insurance will often also partially cover puppy vaccinations and desexing, so if you get it early enough it can pay back pretty quickly. Link to: RSPCA Pet Insurance (http://www.petsure.com.au/rspca/RSPCA-main.html). There are also other insurers, talk to your vet.

27-12-2005, 14:48
I don't know about the desexing yet, as my puppy is not quite 10 weeks old, and won't be done until he is older, but last week my vet charged $45 for the microchip.

27-12-2005, 15:27
As Martha said, it will vary on the practice. Usually, it's around $130 - $170 for boys and $150 - $220 for girls. That's just the desexing part though.

Check with any local animal shelters - you may be able to get it cheaper. Also, our local one up here also runs a fun fair type thing, so it's worth asking around at the shelters about it.

Also, if you want to do the obedience thing, and get your pup to socalize (which generally makes for a happier dog later in life) check out your local vets for Puppy Preschool. Most vets seem to run it now, and it shouldn't cost too much. If you use their practice to get the desexing and vaccinations done it might not cost you any thing. Puppy Preschool covers obedience and socalizing and teachs the owner pet-friendly methods of how to deal with situations. Some also offer doggy products at a discounted rate.

And remember to check your pup for fleas and ticks, etc. It's a good idea to take her into the vet and get them to do the vaccinations or whatever, but also get them to show you how to clip her nails and check for ticks (if you don't know how to yet). You may spend $20 more on the first visit, but it's worth it.

Also check out - http://www.go2pet.com/ They sell products cheaper than the vets or pet stores. Coles also sells flea, tick and worming stuff fairly cheap as well, but it doesn't always work as well - it just depends on the animal.

Hope this helps, and have lots of fun with your new pup!

27-12-2005, 18:42
thanx... well the vets wasnt open today. i guess i will just call tomorrow... or i might try the RSPCA they sound like they might be cheaper.

cant imagine doing surgery on such a tiny dog... ohh well im sure they know what they are doing.

thanx again

27-12-2005, 18:50
I had my dogs desexed at a vetinary training school only got charged $70 for a boy dog and $90 for a girl, perhaps their are some in your area!:confused:

27-12-2005, 19:02
wow thats cool... i havnt ever seen anything like it but it wil be worth looking around for.... im in newcastle nsw. if anyone knows of a good place close by or anywhere in surrounding areas for a good vet will be appreciated ... cause i hate the vets near my house.

28-12-2005, 01:03
Yep they vary widely as the others have stated so do your research as some are complete ripoffs !!!! One place i looked into were charging $150 for my boy cat yet after we moved we found a great vet who did him for $90 huge difference !!!
Also remember with females they become expensive as they get older due to them coming on heat most vets charge as its a harder procedure or so they say my mum's vet always laughs at that & she is also fairly cheap for desexing but neither of these places are close to you. Most vets will also give you a discount if you get all the desexing microchipping & vaccinations done at once mine did anyways & again so does my mums as its easier while the animal is under especially as the microchip can hurt due to it being a rather large needle.
Try a few animal shelters up your way even if they dont do it themselves they will point you in the direction of a good vet & sometimes remember it is worthwhile to pay a little extra for a good vet who you feel comfortable with, who is helpful & answers questions. I had one down in Melb i paid an extra $50 per visit than normal but he was so great i refused to change hehe answered all my questions etc.
But it is a big must you invest in obedience so puppy pre-school is a good start so when you find a vet ask about this as they tend to run classes & a book called "The Dog Whisperer" by John Richardson is awesome & very useful as your puppy needs to grow up knowing its place in the pack & being trained so that you have control as this will create a happy adjusted doggy who will become a great pet & family member !
Good luck !
p.s - I would try & get your Dad to pay for part costs as i bet he didnt pay your cousins for this pressie !!!!! Or at least he could pay for a kennel & toys :p

28-12-2005, 01:52
Local animal shelters/RSPCA/AWL usualy charge approx $80 (much cheaper than a vet) and all done by fully trained professionals of course. Microchipping is usually around the $40-45 as Aardvark said previously which can be done at the same time. In Qld dogs also have to be registered after 6 months, which costs approx $35 (heaps better than the $150 on the spot fine - which also applies if you overlooked the bill as in our case :o x2 as we have 2 dogs).

Then there is also the vaccinations which have to be done quite regularly and don't forget worming - heart worm and all wormer (some do it all together, but usually there are two seperate tablets), also flea treatments. Our boys are indoor dogs and we only treat them with flea treatment just before and after they go to the pet resort when we go away as a precaution. We are also a little bit relaxed with the worming as they do not mix with other animals.

Dogs are a huge responsablilty both financially and literally (eg. no more spontaneous nights away from home), and you're right, they should never be given as a gift as in your case, which is why so many dogs & cats end up in the pound at this time of year. However, if you are prepared to have them a part of your life and family, the devotion they give you is totally worth it :), good luck.

28-12-2005, 07:07
yep we have the flea/tick control coverd. we have the worming part coverd... she will be registerd after she is desexed and microchiped which will all have to be done soon because she is 5 months and it says it must be done before 6 months :rolleyes:

im going to ring around now... they must be open today...

thanx guys (sorry gals !)

28-12-2005, 14:40
well i found out it is going to cost 35 microchip (discounted for getting both things done at once) and 165 desexing. i thought it would be more but it's a fare price.
cheaper than ending up with a litter or puppies anyways !

28-12-2005, 19:07
I'm glad your dog will have a good home, but when pets are given as presents that's when problems occur and pounds are overloaded. In a couple of wks they will be flooded with pups and kittens that kids are sick of. So annoying :mad:

can i ask what breed the pup is? Being 5 mths i hope she was socialised well enough for you. Also don't chase her to come to you, she'll just think 'come' means run away we're playing a game now. Instead walk away, and practise 'come' when in yard or house with lots of treats so she starts to come over rather then run away.

Ok, enough from me before i get carried away.....;)

29-12-2005, 02:04
nina ramble all you want i like hearing tips and tricks from people.... anything to benifit me and my dog is appreciated.

she is a chuauah X ****zu .... just looks like a scruffy chuauah.

she has been with her mum her whole life so i was suprised how well she settled.

ok thats a good tip about not chasing her when calling... but sometimes when i am in a hurry i dont have a choice because she sometimes doesnt want to come back inside ! and food bribery doesnt work.. she isnt as obsessed with food as most dogs usually are.

once she has everything done to her she will be going to doggie school mainly to be socialised. she is such a sook it will be interesting to see how she reacts,

29-12-2005, 08:35
I breed and show chi's.

For a dog to be socialised it needs to be done between 6-16wks of age as that is their period, anything after that is almost too late. As by the 14-16wks of age the brain develops into an adult brain and so what was learnt to that point stays with the dog for life. Meaning, you can take her out and about and you could change the way she deals with the world but if you stop she'll go back to what she learnt in that early gap.

I see heaps of dogs come through our training and thanks to vets people keep the pups at home till fully vaccinated which is the worst thing for the dogs. Dogs need to get out and see the world at that young age, even if carried around. Hopefully the club you join will be better then the average and not ruin the dog.

With the chasing, go outside as much as you can during the day and just call her over. Try some very tasty things, like liver treats, most love them, or cheese. If food doesn't work find what she's really motivated by, could be some toy. There'll be something, it's just a matter of finding what. Could even be just pats. Once you find it, do recalls throughout the day to get her used to coming and getting lots of rewards. That way she won't think every time she's called it's to get her inside.

Hope that helps.

29-12-2005, 08:59
ok well her motivation would just be cuddles food doesnt work for her.... she alwyas wants a cuddle and to be picked up....

thats to bad about her not being younger... i hope the dog school knows what they are doing and can still help her a little... even if it is just enough to not be scared of other dogs and humans.

heres a link to her picture... she is only small.



29-12-2005, 09:34
Nina - Wont it be great the day they introduce higher costs & something like a licence to even buy a pet ?!?!?!?!?!? I cant also wait for the day they stop pet shops for selling puppies !!! The less puppies bought on impulse or for gifts the better !
I also hate this time of year for it also makes me so mad & upset so many poor puppies taken to pounds or just left to fend for themselves.
~MUMMY~ Use that "currency" for anything you want to train her to do & yes please socialise her asap & hopefully you will make some great doggy friends for her to play with from time to time. I loved the park where i used to live in Melb as my labrador had so many friends there she would go feral as i used to say she loved all the attention ! Its the best thing you can do for a dog is let it have doggy time ! You will see the difference immediately & its so much fun to watch & be a part of :)

p.s - Looked at your piccies hope you dont mind she is a cutie !!!!! absolutely adorable hehehehe

29-12-2005, 10:21
She is a cutie - good luck with socalizing her with other dogs - she looks small enough to be inhaled by some of the big breeds :D

(sorry! But she is very very cute! :D )

29-12-2005, 10:23
Earlier sociaising is definitely better than later. Doing it at a vet's puppy preschool is ideal as all the pups there should be healthy so the risk of picking anything up before she gets her vaccinations is minimised.

Basic way to teach a dog to come when you call:

- as others have said, never chase. That is a game to the dog.
- you need to practice in short sessions, no more than 5 minutes, daily or even several times a day during initial training. And then periodically from then on.
- Using a 2 m long leash, walk a few feet away from your dog, turn around and give the command "come", tugging gently to encourage her or jogging backwards away from her. Lots of praise and reward (whatever you use) when she does.
- Some people find that kneeling down to the dogs level encourages them to come. Having a large body movement such as kneeling or an arm signal as part of the command can be useful when you need to use the command at a distance - the body movement reinforces the verbal command that they might not be able to hear (try shouting at your dog down the beach on a windy day :rolleyes: )
- gradually increase the distance you move away before giving the command.
- you can combine this with having her practice her sit and stay command at further distances from you before telling her to come.

- Once she's got the basic command down on a short lead, you can start lengthening the distance. Use a long light lead so that she can be a fair distance from you but when you call her if she doesn't come immediately you can give her some encouragement with the line. This reinforces that she needs to follow your command at any time, at any distance. Using a long lead like that can be good either in the house, your yard, on walks, or at the park - provided you are supervising and there is no way she can tangle around anything.

29-12-2005, 11:20
I am a vet nurse and also teach puppy preschool so I will give a few tips, unfortunately not a very good mix of breeds chihuahua's are known for being aggressive I must admit I am not a fan as I have only met a couple of nice ones, secondly the peak socialisation period for puppies is between 6-16 weeks of age, I would strongly recommend getting into some training classes so she gets used to being around other dogs and people. Never chase your dog they will think it is a game and it can go on for ever, make sure you don't just call her too you when she is getting punished or it is time to go home from the park as they will associate coming to you as a negative experience. It is very easy to turn these breeds into spoilt little lap dogs, be consistent with your disipline and make sure the children are involved in training and feeding the pup so that the pup see's them as dominant.
Hope this helps

29-12-2005, 12:25
some great tips thanx... she is going to be desexed within the new few weeks and then after she has the all clear and is healed she will be going to school.

thanx for the training tips. so far i have been able to make her come MOST times with a REALLY loud whistle... she loves it when i whistle loud and she comes running but it i just call and scream and whatever else she just looks at me weird and walks REALLY slow or runs the other way so she doesnt have to come inside or outside where ever she is supose to be going...

i'll get a long leash / rope later today or tomorrow and use that technique sounds easyer than without one cause she doesnt have a long attention span specially in our back yard with all the birds in the aviary to distract her.

gawd i love bubhub. hehehe gets loads of help about everything even if it has nothing to do with bubbys !

29-12-2005, 20:36
Even though the vet preschools can be good, i have heard of some that are shocking, the people running them have no idea about dogs and some have caused problems for pups. ( our club gets a lot of dogs that either other clubs throw out cos the problems are too big - usually tell owners to put dog down, or they've taken them to a vet school and pup was thrown out of there :mad: )

For the mean time, at least take her out on short car trips and when going out where she won't be in the way. That way she can see the world and start getting used to it.

As for chi temps, like any breed of dog, if parents are bad, pups can be too and if NO SOCIALISING is done, then you WILL have PROBLEMS. I don't have any problems with my lot and want to keep it that way. Nervous produces nervous and if kept inside like vets will tell you, then what can i say?? We don't keep our kids in the house till they are strong enough to not catch things, so why do it to our dogs??

Don't mean to offend, just very passionate about dogs and see too many problems which could so easily been prevented.

Forgot to say she's very cute and looks like has no problems with your son. :)

29-12-2005, 21:01
no her and my son are best of friends... if he is sleeping she jumps all over him to wake him up to play and if she is sleeping he jumps on her to wake up and play... and when they are both sleeping it is normally right next to eachother as the pictures shows...

yes i dont believe in keeping dogs locked up holly comes everywhere with us... she came to the beach and to mums all the time and to a park and we go walking in the afternoons when it cools down and kids normally are drawn to her but she gets a little scared but once picked up and cuddled she doesnt mind all the attention from kids.

the school she is going to is the one my sisters dog went to... and her dog was a hypo psycho energetic really playful and NEVER listend to anyone kind of puppy and now her giant dog is the most well trained best dog ever...
i've heard alot about bad trainers so im making sure she is going to a good one eventhough it costs a tiny bit more and is a little drive away.

anything else i should know???

ohh holly learnt to fetch and actuallty bring the toy back today ! and she is coming when call MOST times now... better than before.

29-12-2005, 22:23
Excellent, sounds like you're doing all great things for Holly and you should have a happy pet. :D

With trainers, i guess look at what their dog is like and if the advice they give you doesn't make sense don't listen to it, get another opinion. See what training they did to became a trainer.

I dont' think you need other tips, you've got it all worked out :D so right about better to pay bit extra and get proper help then pay someone to ruin the dog.

Good luck with her, happy to see it all looks under control, and glad you've got her recalls happening and even fetch, wow! Very good. As a side note, you know if she really likes to fetch, like my shep, he'll do anything for me to throw a stick, that right there is a great motivator ;) She does something for you she gets to play games.

30-12-2005, 15:43
fetch and tummy tickles are working a treat for her rewards ! she cant get enough of those 2 games...

she comes about 90% of the time now when called... the other 10% is when she REALLY doesnt want to come inside because she either it so busy playing with the neighbours dogs or hasnt finished her "business" yet... :rolleyes:

still early days but she is going great,