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Crazy Monkey
08-11-2005, 20:36
Just wondering if anyone has any information about Serbian Orthodox Christening ceremonies??? Things like godparents, and traditions??

My Hubby is Orthodox and I am Catholic..


08-11-2005, 20:47
I am christened serbian orthodox. I am not too familiar on the traditions as I haven't attended a christening for many years. I know I have god parents picked from my fathers side of the family, not sure if that was just his choice though.
My christening was done at my grandparents house in melbourne, so it doesn't have to be done in a church, the priest came to us.
I can ask my father if he knows more about it if you like.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Crazy Monkey
08-11-2005, 20:58

My hubby doesn't know too much about the traditions either, except that the best man from our wedding is meant to be the godfather to our kids... I know that if he was married then his wife is the godmother, but he is single so I'm not sure what happens then.. Hubby said something about his mum being godmother.. I just find this weird as she has never meet our son and I dont think that she should have the honour of being our sons godmother... Do you know if a non orthodox person can be a god parent???

My in-laws probably know but would like some information from other people as they may just tell me what they want me to know....

09-11-2005, 02:18
Hi guys, i thought i'd get in on this one! :D I am christened Greek Orthodox, so things may be a little different, but i think it is fairly similar. When i had my son Christened, the best man from our wedding was our son's godfather- he is divorced and so George doesn't have a godmother. However, you can choose to have a godparent who is not related to the other godparent- such as his girlfriend/sister or in fact anyone else that you choose- However the big thing is that the chosen godparents must be serbian Orthodox, as the whole point of haveing a godparent (i the eyes of the church) is to educate the child in the ways of the religion.
I hope this clears a few things up, and i hpe that serbian orthodox isn't so different that i've just made things worse by giving the wrong info :eek:

Wish you well

Crazy Monkey
09-11-2005, 20:19
Thanks for the information...
I thought that would be the case but I guess I was hoping for something different as I would love to have my best friend my sons godmother...

21-11-2005, 14:58
this is as much as I can recall. I am serbian orthodox although non-practising and married to a greek orthodox fellow. the serbian orthodox are quite traditional as the religion is closely linked to the culture. the godparents are very important people as they are the ones that step in to look after the godchild should anything (not wishing this on anyone) happen to the parents or grandparents - so I am told but I have not actually seen this happen in recent times. thus the choice of the godparent is an important one and the church does strongly prefer an orthodox person to be it. it does not matter if you have both godfather and godmother - so it can be a single person. unlike greek orthodox, serbs do not choose relatives to be godparents as they seek to expand the family, nor does the child's name need to be that of a saint.
the usual ceremony involves the dipping in the water as in the other orthodox ceremonies. also serbs do not usually give the child a middle name.
I found a serb orthodox link on the web that gives you some background into the religion and its link to the culture.
hope this helps.

Crazy Monkey
21-11-2005, 19:59
Thanks for the information...
I will sure look up the link a&nmama...

22-11-2005, 12:34
My sister married a Serbian Orthodox and both her children were Christened so I have some recent experience. The ceremony is long and you have to stand up through the whole thing!!

The God Father has to buy the baby a new outfit ( shoes everything ). At the Christening the baby is fully undressed ( make sure its summer!) and placed in the font. Then they are dressed in their new outfit.

The God Parents play the main role in the ceremony, even more so then the parents.

Hope that helps a bit.

27-11-2005, 16:04
My partner is Greek Orthadox and my son will be christened Greek othadox in Feb. Im pretty sure they r similar in the actual ceremony but I was told We need to have one godparent who is othadox (and their partner will automatically become a godparent too, they r just not involved in the ceremony) but because im not othadox the priest is allowing us to have a godparent who is also not orthadox.
I hear the ceremonys are long and the baby is fully undressed and dunked in the water.