View Full Version : Little lump

09-12-2006, 14:14
I had a tooth removed a couple of weeks ago and have had a sore spot on the side of my mouth ever since. I just noticed today when I kinda rubbed the spot coz it was achy, that there is actually a small lump under the skin. It's only tiny, maybe the size of a small pea...

I think it's in about the same place as where one of the needles went in, a couple of teeth in front of the one that was removed.

So I'm wondering...is it normal to have a lump there? And how long before it will go away?

09-12-2006, 15:03
I wouldn't say it was normal. Might be a little infection? Might be worth going to the doctor if its still there on monday or it gets worse.

10-12-2006, 04:29
it could be an abcess of the tooth. i have one now but i cant afford dental treatment so i have to suffer with it :banghead: . mine is the same thing you described. but usually that is because you need to have the tooth removed or a root canal. but you;ve already had the tooth removed so i dunno. whatever it is, antibiotics would probably clear it up. you could try going to the doctors too i guess. i knew what mine was already and i just got the doctor to prescribe antibiotics. i would go this time but i cant take the antibiotics now that i am pregnant.