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28-10-2006, 13:46
Just wondering when is the right time to turn car seat to facing front? I have been told aboout 6 months or when they can support their head well but then i also have been told to keep it in rear facing position for as long as possible as it is the safest position for them. My daughter is a prem and is very little she has good head control. She is 7 months ( 4 and a half corrected).
Is it too soon to turn it around and if not is it still as safe this facing front?

28-10-2006, 13:49
My DS is just about ready to turn & I'm going off the weight recommendation of FROM 8kg, he is quite long too though.

If your DD is quite small I don't think it would hurt for her to stay reverse facing if your more comfortable with that.

She is a stunner by the way! ;)

28-10-2006, 14:12
head control has nothing to do with it. go off weight. check your car seat instruction book as most newer models can stay rear facing if ur bubba is 12 kilos. its safer to be rear facing. their necks are still weak the bones are not fully strong so if you did have an accident the could get whip lash etc. I hate seeing bubs with their heads hanging down cos they fall asleep etc or are not meant to be forward facing yet.

personally I would keep her rear facing til she weighs 9 or 12 kilos whatever your car seat can take.

28-10-2006, 14:26
Hi - DS still fit the SnS capsule at 9 months rear facing. In my mums car though, he outgrew rear facing at 6.5 months (length wise).

He's only 7.6kg though.

28-10-2006, 14:27
I turned DD around when she was 3.5 months old

A Party of Five
28-10-2006, 14:35
You can turn them around at 9kg. But I would check with the manual that came with your car seat first. Or if you dont have it any more do a goggle serarch!

28-10-2006, 14:48
I turned both my kids rear facing car seats around at about 3 months as they both screamed whenever we went anywhere because they couldn't see where they were going. Weird I know but once I turned them around....bliss. Neither had capsules for long as they both wanted to be more upright and screamed if I put them in one. Not normal my children....:)

[Mod] Shakeyshake
28-10-2006, 14:48
personally I would keep her rear facing for as long as possable, there are alot of factors you should concider before changing to forward facing, make sure she is at least the minimum weight for forward facing, and height wise as well, you've got to keep in mind that when they are forward facing, if your in accident or even stop suddenly you can damage their poor neck muscles, as they arn't as strong as ours, when they are rear facing there is less damage to their neck muscles

I kept my ds2 rear facing till he was 9mth of age i think it was, could've been 10, it was when ever he got over 9kgs in weight, that was the most weight my carseat would take rear facing before having to turn it around, for my next bubs i'm going to get a car seat that takes more weight rear facing, so my bubs can be in it longer

28-10-2006, 14:51
Babies should be kept rear facing as long as possible. the recomendation is on the carseat. 12months is usually about the right time! my son was went forward facing at 7months but not by choice, the carseat just would not fit in the car!! he went straight from capsual to F Facing

28-10-2006, 14:58
Ariene is 5.5 months, 8 kilos and happy to be rear facing. So I'll keep doing it until she no longer squishes in the seat that way, I guess for another month or two.

Ronan, on the other hand... His silent reflux and flat-out "I wanna see EVERYTHING when we drive" scream led me to turn him around at 4.5 months. The change in him was amazing and we could actually resume travelling in the car again! I must point out though, that he was crawling a month after this and was a very big boy- his head never flopped forward when he went to sleep in his seat.

28-10-2006, 16:23
My partner turned DD's seat around about 7months then I read a post on here and decided to change it back.
The article I read made me change my mind stating if you were to slam on your breaks there is every chance you would break their necks.
So I feel having them cry in the car is better then having their little necks broken.
I have a Safe n Sound Royale and it states that it is to be used in a rear-facing position up to 12kgs. up to ???
maybe it should say to leave them in there until they are at least 12kgs.

29-10-2006, 11:04
You turn around at 8kg, Max for reversed is 9kg....

Age is only a guideline (most 6month olds are 8kg).

G was turned at uhhhh, 3 months i think. He is a very big boy - he could kick the backseat just before we turned him.

It is more dangerous to leave a child reversed when they can not fit into the seat anymore, than to wait until they are 6 months...

No matter the age of the child, in an unexpected crash - they wont have the head control needed (Heck, adults dont!) - That info was given from an Ambulance Officer...

29-10-2006, 12:27
I chose to keep DS rearward facing until he reached the maximum weight for our carseat which was 12kgs. He was around the age of two before we turned him around. Yes, I coped a lot of flak from ill informed family members and friends but I didn't care. What matters most is the safety of my child.

The two factors to consider when thinking about turning bub around is weight and height. Everything else is irrelevant. So long as bub isn't over the weight restriction or their shoulders are not above the maximum slot for the shoulder straps, then I would keep them rearward facing.

There has been a number of threads on this issue on BubHub recently, so it might be worthwhile to do a search. I have posted links to studies and other references so you're not basing your decision on second hand information.

29-10-2006, 13:01
thats right lucy...

our seat he had reached the max in everyway - Therefore it was safer for him to turn...

29-10-2006, 15:23
I was just doing some research on this topic and found the info varied.
But this explains it:

Rearward-facing Baby Seats
Group 0 for babies up to 10 kgs (22 lbs) roughly from birth to 6-9 months, or

Group 0+ for babies up to 13kg (29lbs) roughly from birth to 12-15 months

So obviously bekky has the type 0 and I have the 0+

I guess you need to refer to your manual or contact the manafactuer.

sam's mum
29-10-2006, 15:30
Sam is nearly 14 mths and still rearward facing. he is 7.5kg and he will stay facing backward until he gets to at least 9kg. All of the things that I have read have convinced me that it just isn't worth it to turn him around before then. He has great head control, he's over one, but he just isn't big enough. I am his boss and he will do what I say. :laughing:

29-10-2006, 23:47
Blair is still gazing out the back window :yes: . He is 10kgs, and a long boy (78.5 cms) but he still sinks into his carseat and sits securely without kicking the seat so we are all happy! Our seat says he can stay this way until he is 12kgs..... so he will!

Everyone I've asked all seem to agree that rear facing is the safest option..... for as long as it is safe for your baby and your carseat.

If you're still unsure, book a time with your local ambulance officer to check your seat for installation and talk it over with them then. As far as I know, this is a free service (by appointment) in all states of Aust. Don't forget to let us know how you go!

30-10-2006, 09:50
Thanks all so much for the advice i wasnt really ready to turn her around just yet but friend said as soon as they have good head control but after reading about slamming on brakes (which does happen) which would thrust her head forward i am certainly not doing it until she doesnt fit that way anymore. DP is wanting to turn her around so she can see everything but she is not unhappy facing rear so she can stay that way longer. I am more concerned about her safety than her happiness (that sounds harsh but it is the truth).
I will tell DP that she is staying rear until she doest fit that way and if he is not happy i will take him to ambulance officer.
Thanks all again it is good to know so many are on my side hehe
Thanks Kylie

31-10-2006, 07:50
I turned Mia at 6 months. In the backward facing position she was kicking the back seat :eek: and the shoulder straps (even at their highest point) were coming from waay below her shoulders. By then she was crawling and sitting up so I felt better knowing that she had strength in her neck etc.

I think the best time to turn is when they dont really fit in the backward facing position anymore,whenever that may be.

31-10-2006, 07:59
I didnt go by weight as MJ is only little. The advice the clinic gave me was when they are sitting alone it should be fine. By that time MJ wasnt up to weight, but her legs were hitting the back of the seat.

31-10-2006, 08:25
I turned EJ before the weight speciication for my seat but she wasnt far off it. She'd been sitting unsupported for a few months and her feet had been hitting the back of the seat for a while. She liked it a lot more sitting foreward and seeing everything lol

31-10-2006, 09:02
We turned Eliza's seat around at about 4 months old she was close to 8 kilos which is what it recommended I think. It was pure hell going out with her before we turned the seat around once we did it was so much better!

31-10-2006, 09:08
My Elouise is sill happily rear facing and is now 8.5 months and also about 8.5kg.

08-11-2006, 11:02
My little fella is 4 months and 9kg and flat-out hates the car. He has reflux and slumping in his car seat isn't helping.

I was all set to turn it around yesterday when I saw on Youtube some crash-test footage of rearfacing v/s forward facing car seats. After watching that he will stay rear facing until 12 kg which his seat is rated for.

11-11-2006, 20:34
for those who's little people aren't liking rear facing you could try

mirror - you can get them in baby stores that suction onto the window or clip to the seat. My little man liked to look at himself as much as look at me.

Stickarounds - you could put a couple of bright, interesting stickarounds low or very high on the back window

Hanging things, particularly pull down toys, from the hanger over the window

Regularly alternating a selection of smallish toys that are only played with in the car, plus perhaps a favourite - books were great with my little man

Awful though it may be for adults - tacky, catchy childrens music

Even now I also try to let him have a good run around and play before he's expected to get in the car. He was a terrible traveller if he'd just woken because he wanted to get some stimulation thanks.

11-11-2006, 20:59
[QUOTE=LucyE;763141]The two factors to consider when thinking about turning bub around is weight and height. Everything else is irrelevant. So long as bub isn't over the weight restriction or their shoulders are not above the maximum slot for the shoulder straps, then I would keep them rearward facing.QUOTE]

This is what I have been led to understand too :yes: I too have the S&S Royale, and I think bubs can stay in it until 12 kgs (My bubba isnt even 5 months yet and he is already just under 8 kgs).

12-11-2006, 11:27
I turned Davey at 9kgs. He was just under 6 months. That is the maximum his seat was rated for. If I had my time again I'd probably get a higher rated seat. Purely because of rearward being safer.

15-11-2006, 20:18
Went online today and read S&S info on my chair tillie can be rearward till 12 kg so I am going to keep her that way cos they stress safest...I am gonna fix up a mirror though for her :) I also taking her out from behind me ...and putting another bolt on passenger side...as this is apparently safer...we cant put her in middle in our car as the car itself wont allow...

17-11-2006, 10:09
I agree with the other parents when they say to go on weight rather than age or head control. I found some good car seat tips (http://www.expertvillage.com/videos/newborn-carseat-tips.htm) here.

17-11-2006, 10:13
I agree with the other parents when they say go with weight rather than age or head control. I found these great car seat tips (http://www.expertvillage.com/videos/newborn-carseat-tips.htm)that can help you out.

26-11-2006, 15:02
My little fella is 4 months and 9kg and flat-out hates the car. He has reflux and slumping in his car seat isn't helping.

I was all set to turn it around yesterday when I saw on Youtube some crash-test footage of rearfacing v/s forward facing car seats. After watching that he will stay rear facing until 12 kg which his seat is rated for.

Like you my DD has reflux (well managed so no obvious symptoms now) While I realise the damage from crashes etc from facing forward my kids were both tall and heavier then normal we called the helpline for our brand at the time, as my DD would scream due to hating lying down and could press her feet firmly on the seat etc and they said it was when they had the ability to sit well and to hold their heads... was also suggested to either take a drive before feed time or to give little feed just before to settle the tumm acid! but be sure to talk to your GP about it too as being flat isnt good for a reflux babies digestive system!!
btw we truned our DS at 4 months heavy boy about 8kgs and our DD at about the same time but both are very tall (way above average line) and reflux went into overdrive backwards