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12-10-2011, 19:45
OK. I have the form to get my child onto medicare and claim the baby bonus.
At Q40 it says I have to go online and do the online Claim for Paid Parental Leave and Family Assistance. FA100

I now have 20 tabs open on my browser (all .gov.au sites), and the closest I've come is a 78pg pdf document I can print and fill in.

I've also found some useless stuff like:
"Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: SRVE0207E: Uncaught initialization exception created by servlet "
"Claiming Parental Leave Pay and Family assistance online (http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/filestores/fpr057_1107/$file/fpr057_1107en.pdf) [Factsheet, 3 pages, PDF: 394KB]"

I'm also on australia.gov.au but it has no info either.

I truly hope this ridiculous system has created jobs for someone somewhere....

12-10-2011, 19:48
You lodge it through online.services on.centrelink... Once u log in there is a little subsection on the right saying paid parental leave or something similar :)

12-10-2011, 19:52
Whoops i mean left :)

18-10-2011, 10:10
oh that form is so annoying.

warning to everyone else, if you do the online part and offline form with different ppl as the main person, ie your partner, they'll make you run around to the office a few times then make you fill in the form again using the other person's login!

somehow it matters and they can't accept anything else

also, where it says you need to show your passport, it's not true. they need to see BOTH your passports, and any visas, and stamps for when you last returned, etc.