View Full Version : Leaky breasts 3DPO - early preg symptoms for BF'ing Mums

23-09-2010, 16:59
OK, so by mistake I find myself in the TWW. Got a little bit carried away a fews days prior to O.

So now I'm 3DPO and I just noticed my left breast leaking a little bit. I'm only BF'ing my 14m DD once a day and my breasts haven't leaked for ages. Neither breast is overly full, certainly not hard.

I'm analysing every little sign and I've only just started charting so I don't know what a 'normal' cycle is for me.

So did any of you who have fallen pregnant while still BF'ing notice anything like this?

Are early pregnancy symptoms any different for mums who are already BF'ing?

23-09-2010, 17:42
What I really what to know is whether there is anything different or extra when you fall pregnant when you're still breastfeeding that I might notice in the TWW.

24-09-2010, 11:11
AT 3DPO, your body isn't even aware that conception may have occurred, so unfortunately it's too soon to be getting any signs that may be linked to a BFP.....you just have to hang in there! That tiny ball of cells is still making it's way down your fallopian tube. Implantation usually happens anywhere from 7-10DPO and then the embryo starts releasing HCG to say "hey, I'm here!!" and the symptoms kick in....

I know it's not easy, but you have to try and :chillpill: LOL It's a PITA!!! Best of luck! :fingerscrossed:

25-09-2010, 14:34
I've just found out I'm pg with no. 4 and am still b/feeding DD3 anywhere up to 5 times a day, and sometimes at night. Was also feeding DD1 when I fell with DD2.

Never experienced any leaking whilst pg with DD2 and none whilst pg with this one. It still would be a bit too early to be having EPS as it takes anywhere from 7 - 10 days for implantation to happen.

The only symptoms that I can think of b/f whilst pregnant is that your milk supply can reduce due to the increased hormones, flavour can change and your nipples become really sensitive making b/f harder.

None of this has happened to me yet (still early days) and DD3 shows no signs of wanting to give up. Will probably end up tandem feeding! LOL!!

Good luck and HTH!

25-09-2010, 23:33
Thanks for your replies, ladies. I know that it's unlikely to feel any pregnancy symptoms before implantation but I keep reading about women who swear they do. I think I'm probably just paying more attention than usual to how I feel in the luteal phase.

It sounds challenging to be BF'ing so often whilst being pregnant. Good luck if you end up tandem feeding :)

I will post again when I know definitely whether it's a BFP or BFN, probably in 10 days. Today I feel bloated and pants around my abdomen are irritating.

28-09-2010, 16:16
For the benefit of anyone that may search this topic at a later date, I will continue to update >>>

Well today I'm 8DPO by my calculations. I took two HPT (I have a stockpile of internet cheapies) and they were both negative. However now I can *just* make out an evap line on the one from this morning and maybe on the one from this afternoon as well.

I got a late faint line of these tests the day before I got my BFP with DD back in 2008 (and not on the earlier days I tested) but I KNOW you can't rely on the results after the stated time frame so I'm considering it a BFN/evap line. <EDIT> I think I was imagining the evap lines today because I can't see them now in the PM under the light, lol.

I shall keep testing daily until I get a BFP or AF arrives.

Continue to have 'symptoms'. Back pimple (only ever had these when preg), burning eyes when I close them, bloated achy tummy, feeling hot. But hey, these could all be attributed to my usual luteal phase... if only I'd started charting earlier.

Breasts are tender/engorged but I have stopped BFing now so I'm attributing all sensitivity to that, not the possibility of being UTD.