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21-08-2010, 21:50
Hi bub hubbers,

Earlier last week I posted a thread regarding my DS may have worms. Sure enough he did!

Maybe a little tmi..

I treated him thursday and he still has heaps in his poo. I gave him combantrin-1 for threadworms (hubby went and got it) now I have checked the website and maybe combantrin would have been better as it covers other worms too. This is the first time I have dealt with worms so not really sure what type of worm he has. :o


I think I may have them too :confused: YUK!!

DH teated himself when we treated DS, however I have not because I am breastfeeding my 3 week old bub. So my question is...

Can I use this worming medication while breastfeeding? I would rather not have to give her formula but I dont want worms either (again I am sure I have them :o)

I have looked on the net and the majority say yes, some say no. So I am so confused!!! :confused:

So PLEASE HELP ME!!! I want them gone from my house :o I want to be wormed too as I would hate our new bub to get them.

Thanks in advance guys! You have no idea how grossed out I am right now!:barf:

21-08-2010, 21:53
No you cannot!! Haha I did when my dd was about 5 weeks and I didn't know I wasn't aloud too and I had to formula feed for 24 hours, I would def go see a chemist as I am sure there is something you can do!

Sheer Bliss
21-08-2010, 21:54
Go and speak to your pharmacist. One is better to take then the other and I can't remember which way it is. Also there is a medications breastfeeding hotline you can call - its based at one of the womans hospitals - during business hours though. They can tell you as they have access to MUCH more information. :thumbsup:

It's the 1300 number listed in the top of this section (http://www.bubhub.com.au/community/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=283)

3 Little Pigs
21-08-2010, 21:54
We had a little worm problem at our house recently :o

I asked the chemist and he said that it wasnt advisable to use them while feeding.
They were the chemist own brand, i dont know about conbantrim, maybe ask your chemist :yes:

21-08-2010, 21:59
Nope, you cant use combantrin, but there is one you can use. Ask your pharmacist....i have used it but can not recall the name, but they are big tablets LOL

3 Little Pigs
21-08-2010, 21:59
Oh i remember my nanna says that eating pumpkin seeds is good for getting rid of worms.
I just googled it and it seems to be true :)

21-08-2010, 22:06
I had a look at the Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) and it says that Combantrin (Pyrantel) is safe to take whilst breastfeeding. It also says that Combantrin-1(Mebendazole) may be used and is poorly absorbed by the mother. This information is from the January 2010 edition of the AMH (which we use all the time as a student nurse to look up medications), so the most up to date.

So, I would say that you would be fine to take Combantrin :) but I would be more wary of Combantrin-1.

21-08-2010, 22:18
thanks everyone for the very fast reply's.

I did read that a natural remedy is to eat 1 clove of garlic morning and night for 10 days and it will fix it. Dont think DH will want to come near me :laughing:

hmm. This is where I get confused. I read the box and it said not while you are pregnant (nothing whilst breastfeeding) but DH asked chemist and they said best not to but gave no alternative (then again DH doesnt elaborate :no:) But now that I have them (didnt think i did before) I really want them gone.

I did read somewhere that there is a very small risk to bub. I dont think I can wait till tomorrow.

bckarose - thanks so much for taking the time to look it up for me. I think I am more enclined to take it but might wait till DH gets home from work in an hour to see what he thinks.

Then again maybe I should wait till morning to see a different chemist incase there is a better alternative.

Argh so gross. I feel terrible for my little boy who is still suffering them and I treated him on Thursday but with combantrin-1 for threadworm, but what if its a different worm that he has and thats why he still has them in his poo?

I went to the dr about his 2 months ago because I suspected he had them. Dr said dont worry until you can see them in his poo, but I feel he is now riddled with them. :crying:

21-08-2010, 22:24
Is there a chemist open that you can call? Ask them?

I reckon a clove of garlic will most likely cause more problems than the worming medication! It causes lots of bubs to be unsettled and have tummy pain.

I wish i could remember what the ones i took were called, but i have taken them all :(

Dont forget to do the second treatment as recommended. Threadworm is the most common worm, the other types of worms a less likely, so sont stress about that. And if you are concerned, by the one that covers the range of worms for the 2nd dose that you give in 6 weeks time (think thats when you re treat...check the pack)

21-08-2010, 22:46
JabberJaw- Do any of these names ring a bell Anthel, Vermox, Deworm or Ridworm? These are all other brand names containing either pyrantel or mebandazole.

The number for the medication helpline in QLD is 1300 888 763, you could try calling them to find out :)

21-08-2010, 22:51
JabberJaw- Do any of these names ring a bell Anthel, Vermox, Deworm or Ridworm? These are all other brand names containing either pyrantel or mebandazole.

The number for the medication helpline in QLD is 1300 888 763, you could try calling them to find out :)

mebandazole sounds familiar. Whatever they were they didnt have a brand name they were just called whatever the ingredient was LOL my kids had different stuff (chemists own worm rid) but mine were in a white bottle and had 4 tablets only in them. I had to take 2 that day and the other 2 in 6 weeks. They didnt cause any dramas with bub, but she is over 2, so i dunno if that made a difference. She was also wormed.