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28-07-2010, 19:26
has anyone had gas connected to their house?

we just had the alinta man out about a new connection and putting in pipes etc for
a. a hot water system
b. a gas cooktop
c. a heater in the lounge

NOW I actually wanted a quote for getting it connected and all but not for appliances because I wanted to look for second hand.
I told him that but he said it was a separate quote and he couldn't do it today?!

anyyywayy.. he quoted as $3500.??
and I can see on the form this includes a hot water system although he has not stated it includes a hot plate or heater and he kind of dashed off before I could understand the quote.

sooo does anyone know if this is the price for everything including appliances and installation, or just installation plus a hot water system?

I am so annoyed now.
plus, 3 and a half grand is SO MUCH. the guy over the road said he had it done for about 1400 but that didn't include appliances. what the? are they charging me 1500 in labour or something?

I really just wanted the pipes and labour, I wanted to find my own appliances. confuuused :confused:

28-07-2010, 19:37
I recently got an instant gas hot water system installed and a gas cooktop (including running pipes from the front of the house, where the meter was already connected, to the back of the house). Cost about $1700 from memory. Yes, ouch!

I brought the gas hot water system separately and it cost $1000, the cook top was about $500 so your quote doesn't sound too off par. mind you I'm in canberra and trades here have been said to cost double Sydney prices so also depends where you are.

I also rang the energy company who also install and they quoted $2700 as standard price for installation of a gas hot water system including the system (excluding the cooktop).

Another idea is to ask what their hourly price is and say you'll pay them per hour plus parts - this is what I do with my electricians. The plumbing took 2 guys maybe 3 hours.

28-07-2010, 19:49
I got quoted about $1500 from the gas company just to bring gas to my house with no appliances. So probably isn't entirely unreasonable :)

damn it.
but do you think the 3 and a half grand includes all appliances or just the hot water system? cos I think it's just the hot water system. which makes it like 2 grand just for the pipes?!

how can it be so expensive??

I think I will get my appliances ready and then get a new quote and ask for a different guy! this guy was really unhelpful.

28-07-2010, 19:56
damn it.
but do you think the 3 and a half grand includes all appliances or just the hot water system? cos I think it's just the hot water system. which makes it like 2 grand just for the pipes?!

I think your price is just with the hot water system and they're charging about $2k for the pipes and connection.

I just remembered another friend had a quote to connect gas to her house from scratch and I think that was $4-600 alone without any appliances.
(we already had the gas from the street to the house with the meter thingo but no appliances actually connected).

:iagree: though, get all your appliances and then get a second quote.

28-07-2010, 20:07
I had a quote to run the lines to the house and convert the appliances currently running on lpg.

Gas heating
Gas hot water
Gas stove

and it ended up being $2000 because there was no conversion kit for my hot water.

28-07-2010, 20:16
Ok here goes.

I used to work for a gas company here in Qld (until a month ago). We didn't do installations etc as we didn't have a gas fitter on site but in saying that we sold appliances & know gas fitters who came in.

Appliances will vary in price depending what you're after, how many stars etc.

In regards to installations it will depend if you are putting the Hot water system where the old one was or where its going. Different appliances will also require different width piping to help regulate the flow of pressure etc. If the gas fitter needs to replace the current piping this will also cost extra. Check the price of metal (I think its copper don't quote me) they use.

So yeah $3500 for 3 appliances to be installed & includes the cost of a hot water system most probably isn't all that bad. Does the quote say how much that hot water system is.

Just out of curiosity if you are replacing appliances why would you go looking for second hand? The only reason I ask is the old models etc would most probably end up costing more through the consumption of gas as energy ratings have gotten better as the years go past. The other thing is they don't come with warranties either so if it were me doing it I'd spend the extra now to get new appliances with warranties otherwise you won't know how long you'll get out of the 2nd hand appliances. Just some food for thought.

28-07-2010, 20:26
ok so im looking for second hand because we don't have enough money for brand new everything but I was interested in a new hot water system maybe, but nothing else.. but we are replacing electric appliances with gas. it's more the fact that we want to switch to gas, more than anything else, and we're not looking at very old second hand. just a few years old. my parents do that with their houses and they always do a good job and last ages.

either way I think we will find our own appliances then I'm going to request a quote with a different bloke, cos this guy did not answer my questions properly and even refused to do the quote I actually wanted!!

but thanks trulyblessed that does help :yes:

I think I was just thrown by the fact that the quote doesn't explain what costs what and also cos my neighbors was so much cheaper.

28-07-2010, 20:40
Well that does seem like alot because my quote included conversion kits for existing appliances whereas yours will already be compatible with gas.

Well AND one thing didn't have a conversion kit so it cost more, my intial quote was 1,500.00