View Full Version : savings for schooling??

22-06-2010, 15:03
hi i cant seem to find info but i seen a while back a savings account where the government puts a good amount of % into it. Looking for somthing like this for my daughters school fees. If any1 has any info that would be great. Thanx

22-06-2010, 18:45
If you are on a low income there is a program funded by the govt and run by ANZ and the smith family called savers plus, they match savings dollar for dollar up to $1000. See here (http://www.anz.com/about-us/corporate-responsibility/community/financial-literacy-inclusion/programs/saver-plus/)

22-06-2010, 18:47
Actually not just the smith family, other charitable organisations too, to find one in your area here is the list. (http://www.anz.com/resources/3/4/346336004093ba6ba84dfbd5d7811059/Saver-Plus-Contact-List.pdf?CACHEID=346336004093ba6ba84dfbd5d7811059)

23-06-2010, 19:50
thankyou thats what i was after!