View Full Version : Recommend a Central Coast GP?

23-03-2010, 15:34
Is anyone able to recommend a GP on the Central Coast? Preferrably in the OurimbahTuggerah general area. I am hoping too much for a bulk billing doctor aren't I?
Wondering if I should just go back to Sydney and see my wonderful bulk billing doctor there...

I just need a referral for a Nuchal Scan - need it ASAP as I am 13 weeks tomorow (by LMP) and need to try get an appointment in the next week :eek: Is it a lost cause?

23-03-2010, 15:55
I live at Buff Point and see a great GP at Wyoming Medical Centre. He Bulk Bills. The only catch is you have to ring the day you want the appointment as he doesnt book ahead.
His name is Dr Hon Young. Ph 43291122. They take calls from 8am. The medical centre is the one on the roundabout across from Hungry Jacks.

P.S. there are other Dr's there and they all bulk bill if Dr Young isnt on.

23-03-2010, 15:59
Thats fantastic! Thanks!

25-03-2010, 19:00
He's my family dr too, as far as i know they wont take on anyone new and havent for a while now, they're crazy busy every single day :( we've had to start looking around just cos we never get in, I just made an appointment at a new medical centre also in wyoming Relience medical? dont know what they're like yet but it didnt feel like a factory going in there, you can book in advance and they bulk bill so thats a thumbs up anyway right?

25-03-2010, 19:01
oh and i forgot to add, dont see Dr Jessa if he's the only available at Dr Young's surgery, he's a disgusting pervert and i wouldnt let him touch me or my kids with a 10ft pole

30-03-2010, 20:37
was about to come on here to ask this question.

thanks :)