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31-07-2006, 18:55
Just a questions for those who have/are taking maca, how long did it take to shorten/regulate your cycles?
And if you were taking it to shorten your cycles, how long were they and what did it reduce it to??

I have only started taking it a fortnight ago, and i was playing around with FF this morning and if i get the same temp tomorrow as i did today, it will confirm O was on Saturday - if thats the case it will mean its 10 days earlier than last month.... I didnt think it would shorten it that quickly and by that much.

I have had faint lines on OPK today and yesterday, but i didnt test on Saturday at all.
I think ill keep BD'ing and using OPK until im certain that O has passed.

I thought i O'd on CD15 last month, but then FF changed it to CD23 - but now its changed back to CD15 for some reason....

thanks chicky babes

Hokey Pokey
31-07-2006, 19:13
What is this maca stuff? I guess it is something like vitex?

31-07-2006, 19:33
yeah its another herbal supplement - meant to do the same thing, I think you can get it from Health food shops- but a gf gave me mine, I think she got it from http://www.menstruation.com.au/shop/products.asp?categoryid=21.

tastes much worse than the vitex, and i take the capsules, i can only imagine how yuko the powder must be

01-08-2006, 07:45
Hey Tara
My cycle shortened heaps while taking maca, but as you know i havent gotten a BFP yet :rolleyes:
You will soon, i just know it! :fingerscrossed:

01-08-2006, 07:53
Can't tell if it shortened my cycles cause I ended up getting a BFP.
Might have been coincidence, may not have been.

Doesn't hurt to take it anyway, it's great for lots of things other than just fertility.

01-08-2006, 08:54
I tried taking Maca - but both times I got really sick - it made me get the worst tummy pains and vomiting - I tried again last week incase it was a coincidence - but it made me sick again .... bumma! So I am taking a multi, E and zinc instead. I would recommend doing a zinc tally test for anyone ttc - zinc is really important for male and female fertility. There is lots of zinc in maca! Good luck Tara - hope it's a BFP for you soon :thumbsup: (& the rest of us;) )

01-08-2006, 10:58
I've started taking it this moth TJ - and I have no idea if its worked at shortening things. If you look at my chart FF thinks I ovulated on CD23 this month, which would be 2 days longer than last - but I have been travelling around and not sleeping so well so I also think it may have been earlier - or not even yet - it just doesn't feel like I have.

I even took a HPT this morning, after my sister said got thrush at 4 weeks with her PGs, and I got a small case at around 4 weeks, and thought maybe that dip on CD12 was O . . . by BFN, not surprised though.

Soo with me the jury is out, I have heard that it can take anything from 2 weeks to a few months - only AF or the BFP will tell.

How many capsules are you taking - I'm taking 2 a day?

01-08-2006, 11:22
i have always had a regular 28 day cycle, and when i started taking macca, it actually lengthened my cycle by 5 days!

I think its different for everybody maybe?

01-08-2006, 12:29
I have started taking the powder this cycle, it was disgusting on it's own but I baked it in some cookies and it is yum. Just eat two cookies a day. I think if you takes the capsules, the girl at the health shop said that you should take around 5-6 a day half in the morning and half at night. I googled macca and ait said that it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for the macca to take affect. If you look at my chart I 'o' the same day this cycle as I did last cycle so maybe I am one that it will take some time to get the benefits. I believe it will work though. My DH takes it too. :thumbsup:

01-08-2006, 13:37
Hey babybug,
Thanks for the advice, I'm only taking two capsules a day - that's all the in store naturapath recommended. Maybe I'll up it next month.

I notice you O'd with no really obvious temp increase - that's a little reassuring for me this cycle. If you don't mind my asking is that normal for you and have you ever looked into it?

01-08-2006, 15:00
Hi Bolli, no last cycle I had an obvious temp increase, this cycle I had the big drop and then back up again, I suspect that my temp will continue to rise now. My Dr said this was okay.

01-08-2006, 20:15
Hey Bolli - im taking 4 every morning.
My bottle says take 1 -4 daily, so of course i want it to work so im taking as much as possible.

pity about the taste tho!

01-08-2006, 20:21
I took it and it regulated my cycle straight away to a 33day cycle on the dot this from a girl who normally had 42,35,47 day cycles, i was never regular!

01-08-2006, 20:51
oh really? are you still on it? how long have you been 'regular' for?

sorry about all the questions..:o

02-08-2006, 09:59
Thanks Babybug - Looks like your temp has gone up now- mine is definantly up now, so let just :fingerscrossed: we cought that eggie

I will definantly try taking more macca next cycle - with the capsules I don't worry so much about the tast, I wash it down with loads of water - the smells a bit "earthy" though! Luckily its not like fish oil, I don't seem to get macca burps 10 minutes later :D !

Well I'm 8 dpo (according FF) the last few cycles I started to spot from now basically until AF came - so far no sign of anything so maybe its working to at least sort that out, still early days.

04-08-2006, 10:57
Just thought I'd update a bit on this first cylce with maca. I've sorted out when I think I O'd, CD19 which is pretty much the same as last cycle - so at least it looks like I'm getting more regular if not shorter cycles.

My temp has started to dive today, right on day 13dpo, so I don't think I'll get a BFP this month, but I have had absolutely no spotting, while last time I had heaps for a week leading up to AF.

Maybe the Macca is doing something good

Shall have to see what happens next cycle!

19-12-2008, 11:14
how has everyone gone with this? Did you get the desired results eg to shorten your cycle?
I have only just started, the naturopath said to take 5 per day straight away but ive also read that you should slowly build it up - 2 per day I'm on. I hope it works!