View Full Version : Elevit or Blackmores Conceive Well Gold?

13-07-2009, 19:12
Hello ladies,

I am wanting to start taking prenatal vitamins, but have heard and read from some people and that their doctors recommended Elevit while others recommended Blackmores Conceive Well Gold.

What did you take or can you recommend I take?

My girlfriend and my cousin took Elevit, but both said at different times that it made them nauseas so I was wondering whether this was a common thing?

I'm not seeing my OB until September so was wanting to start taking some now, rather than wait and asking him in September.

Thanks heaps ;)

13-07-2009, 19:21
I have been taking Elevit right from the day i got to know i was expecting as adviced by my GP.
Till now i dont have any side effects n neither have faced any nausea.
It is a good supplement along with a well balanced diet.:)

13-07-2009, 19:22
My obs recommended Elevit and I have had no problems with this. I also take fish oil as Elevit does not contain this (while the Blackmores does but not very much).

13-07-2009, 19:26
My GP recommended Elevit, so that's what I started taking - I have been taking it since about April now (so about 6 weeks before I fell pregnant) and have had no dramas with it, although I do take it at night after dinner... I have heard that Blackmores is good too and was actually going to take that one until my GP said Elevit. I really believe it is a personal choice.

Good luck!

13-07-2009, 19:44
I took the Blackmore's Conceive Well Gold until I fell and then swapped to the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold. I haven't had any problems with them, and have been told by my Uncle who is an OB that they are the best ones. I agree, but I'm a Blackmore's girl all the way. I just find they are normally stronger than other brands and work better.

13-07-2009, 19:45
With mee i took clomid you can get it from the chemist and they will tell you how to use it i took 1 box of it 5 tablets and i fell pregnant and also take vitiman C tablets :):bee:

13-07-2009, 20:16
ive taken elevit since january, no nausea at all :)

13-07-2009, 20:21
I used Elevit with DS and always found it made me nauseous, sometimes I vomited (before I was preg, so it wasn't MS). I changed the time of day I took it and made sure I had it with food and then it was fine.

I'm taking it again while we TTC#2 and haven't been nauseous since I've been having it with food.


13-07-2009, 20:26
im personally a fan of the blackmoores.....
i was taking it and ran out so tried elevit and it made constipated and its taken a good 2-3 weeks to get normal Again..

I have herd this is quite comon for ppl who take elevit

13-07-2009, 20:36
Last pregnancy I took Elevit with no problems but next round my Lactation Consultant recommended Blackmores Pregnancy because it has iodine (and Elevit doesn't) and is apparently really important.. HTH

The Bubble Tree
13-07-2009, 20:52
My GP recommended Elevit. But later I found out that Elevit doesn't have Iodine, which is a very important element for everyone especially pregnant women. I read somewhere too (i think it's their website) that they are looking at including it in the tablets.

Also, it's content of Folic Acid is much higher than the others, and I am not too sure if it's a good idea to have 800mcg Folic Acid, when the health experts say recommended intake is 500mcg a day.

Therefore I am taking Blackmore. I took Elevit when I was not pregnant (need to finish the pack, can't go to waste :p)

13-07-2009, 22:38
Blackmores all the way!!! I have had no problems with it, midwives recommended it and it's cheaper as well :)

13-07-2009, 22:56
I have no idea if this is true but I was advised that Blackmores is a natural product and Elevit is synthetic vitamins and minerals :confused:

13-07-2009, 23:58
I started taking Blackmores Conceive Well Gold about ten days before I found out I was pregnant LOL :yelclap:

I still have some left so I am continuing to take that everyday and when I run out I will switch to the pregnancy supplement :)

I have heard great things about both products.

14-07-2009, 21:12
My mum told me not to take Elevit as she heard something on either the news or the radio that recent studies were linking it to birth defects?
I dont know how reliable that information is though as its media driven and we all know what the media is like.
I took elevit with my first pregnancy (subsequent m/c but completely unrelated to the tablets) and never had any side effects from the tablets. I found them easier to take than most others.
This time around I am taking the natures way tablets. I compared the vitamins etc to other ones and it seemed to cover a couple of extra minerals/vitamins plus only have to take on capsule which is a bonus for me as I am terrible with any tablets or capsules.

14-07-2009, 21:30
i took blackmores too while ttc, pg & bf, never had a problem - no particular reason why i went with them, i think they just stood out for at safeway:)

15-07-2009, 13:10
I had every intention of taking Elevit but couldn't find it when i went to the chemist so bought blackmores :p, I have now happily found out Blacnkmores is also cheaper.

I had found it really great. I have a cousin who was taking Elevit but ended up changing because it was making her sick or something.

Taking something is always better than nothing so either one should be fine.