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18-11-2008, 20:58
Just wondered if others knew that putting bubs dummy/spoon/bottle in your own mouth is really bad for their teeth?

You can transmit the bad bacteria from your own mouth and pass it to babies causing them to get cavities etc even if there teeth are yet to come through.

I see so many mums with their bubs dummy hanging out there mouths while they sort out bub, and i have also seen mums test babies food by placing it in there own mouths.

I have to admit, with my eldest, i did occasionally suck her dummy if it was dropped or something, but after hearing about the transfer of bad bacteria, i wont be doing it again....:p

18-11-2008, 21:00
meh, i have done it. my kids teeth are fine (except where DS chipped his tooth :()...

18-11-2008, 21:04
Yes yes yes I do think most of us know this but yanno being that the dummy is G's lifeline I would much rather him get my 'problems' than something off the floor or the likes :cool:

18-11-2008, 21:04
I'm pretty blase about most things, but I cant stand seeing mums putting bub's dummies in their mouths, then back into bubs mouth! I can honestly say I've never licked or sucked my childs dummy for any purpose. If I need to hold it, but use both hands, I'll pop the handle in my teeth, but never the rubber bit (what are the called :confused:)
I haven't heard about the whole teeth bacteria thing, but I have heard that human mouths are more dirty and bacteria-filled than a dogs mouth :barf:
IMHO it's revolting! But thats just me :p

ETA: Coz I don't do this, I literally will take 3-4 spare dummies with me everywhere I go!

18-11-2008, 21:15
Yes, I have also heard this.....I try not to.....but sometimes, I just can't help it.....I don't know why:laughing:

18-11-2008, 21:17
Ive never heard of the dental info but the sight of a parent dummy sucking has always churned my guts.

How can they not know about passing diseases on like this. :barf:

18-11-2008, 21:19
I personally never liked the look well before i had DS and when my CHN told me this i swore i would never do it! Apparently we have bacteria in our mouth which children dont yet have, it can cause them to develop bad breath as well as teeth problems.... i take a lot of spare dummies with me so i dont run out.... i also look at it that i wouldnt want to put something in my mouth that someone has just had in theirs... family or not!

18-11-2008, 21:29
Babies are not born with
decay-causing bacteria in
their mouths. The bacteria
are passed to babies by
contact such as food tasting or by mothers
cleaning the dummy in their
own mouths. The transfer
of these bacteria can be delayed if parents and caregivers have
healthy, decay free mouths. So one of the best ways to give your
child a head start to staying decay free is to ensure that your own
teeth and gums are clean and healthy.

Found some info on it, i actually read it in some brochures i was given in my bounty bag! LOL i had a big clean out of my room today and got sidetracked reading stuff from old bounty bags :laughing:

18-11-2008, 21:40
If it means that the little one stops screaming then yes I would do it even though I know its bad . . its a lesser of many evils . .

18-11-2008, 21:57
I like to let my little one drink out of my drink bottle or share food with me I think it's nice as she seems to want what I have. I don't do the dummy sucking thing but I have used my slaiva to clean it when it has been dropped when I am away from a tap. :o

I noted that it said in your post that it delayed the transmittion not stopped it completely so hopefully it won't be the end of the world for her teeth which haven't come through yet!