View Full Version : Forgot to Freeze Meat!! :(

15-05-2006, 09:25

I bought $50 worth of meat from the butchers on Friday, and put it in the spare fridge, and forgot to freeze it. :banghead:

I ended up helping out a friend that night and have only just remembered it this morning.

The butchers recommend freezing if not used within 24hrs. What's everyone else's opinion about this? Do you think the meat will be ok?

I hate to have to throw it all out, but I'm a bit concerned. :(

15-05-2006, 09:37
I'd be most concerned about ground meat & would probably throw it out. I'm not sure on chicken but might toss it as well - maybe call the butcher because if he just got it in fresh on thurs or friday then his 24 hour guideline could be extended in this case.

Steaks and roasts are most likely to be ok - and in any case if you cook them well and don't have them rare then the risk is even less. My DH used to be a geologist, with fresh food only delivered to their camp every few weeks. He has survived greenish steaks many many times :eek:

15-05-2006, 09:49
Hi MarthaM,

Thanks, I thought about calling the butcher, but they'll probably just reinforce their recommendations I think. To cover their own butts.

There's 2kg each of mince and chicken fillets :crying:

Hopefully the backstraps and steaks are ok though - I'm so peeved. I've had close calls before - where I've nearly forgotten. I think I'll just not put it in the fridge anymore and make the effort to freeze it straight away.

15-05-2006, 10:56
I spoke to the butcher. I've thrown out the mince already. He said there's a chance the chicken fillets might be ok, but to throw them out if they smell a bit (which they do and I have).

The lamb backstraps will most likely be ok, especially coz they're marinated. So we'll be eating those tonight. They'll probably be the best ever :fingerscrossed: coz they've been marinading for 3 days!!

The bbq steak will probably be ok, but I'm not stressing because they were the cheapest item. But I'll make up a beef strog or something tonight, and we can have that tomorrow for lunch/dinner.

I've learnt my lesson though. I'll never put it in the fridge again. Straight on the bench where I can't forget it and have to deal with it.

16-05-2006, 11:42
DH and I did this a couple of weeks ago - it really annoyed me when I realised we'd just wasted something like $40 worth of meat. Very annoyed indeed.

Sorry, I have no advice to give - we had to toss the lot (although, we didn't actually "toss" it, we fed it to the dogs for dinner! Lucky dogs.)

16-05-2006, 13:00
Well, we ate the backstraps last night and they were BEAUTIFUL. The marinade helped preserve it I guess. But the flavour was fantastic, and sooo tender.

A shame about the cost.

16-05-2006, 16:02
When you buy meat from, say, woollies you usually get a few days on it. I have a 3 day rule in my fridge. if it's raw meat I shove it in the freezer on the third day. Never been sick from 3do meat.

is it different from a plain old butcher?

16-05-2006, 16:27
Well..if you asked this (DH) butcher..he'd tell you BIG DEAL.
He's very relaxed about meat, freezing and all that bizzo. Food hygiene and strict conditions? I think he wagged that module!