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07-02-2008, 11:13
Hi i have been on zoloft since my baby was born for anxiety and postnatal depression, I have recently started to wean off them, and thought i would try a natural alternative with herbs and accupuncture. I would like to know if any body else has tried this and I would like to know if i am doing the right thing. My baby is now six months old. Thanks Danni

La Que Sabe
07-02-2008, 11:19
i would think yuur doing the right thing!!!

are yuu breast feeding? natural alternative is definitely alot better for yuur baby if yuu are, because she/he would be getting the drugs as well in yuur milk!! =s

i'm not entirely sure of what yuu could try, rasberry leaf tea is said to be guud, and st johns wart...and of course any th ing with vitamin B in it! =]

15-02-2008, 12:36
Acupuncture is great!! My fight/ flight response has decreased dramatically (when I get an attack I have to run!). Chinese herbs are really good also, although havent taken them for anxiety, only menstruation

19-02-2008, 14:17
hi danni

i was on st john's wort for about 5-6 months when my baby was around a year old. I was breastfeeding (still am) and had no side effects with it.
Truly, i can't say enough good things about st johns wort. besides lifting the cloud that sat over me for months and stopped the crying that went on everyday, it has been shown in studies to be as effective as anti-depressants for mild to moderate depression. it is also a great way to transition off anti-depressants.

I'm lucky in that my partner is a herbalist, so he could get me good quality herbs and manage my dosage. it would be best to see a gerbalist or naturopath to help you with this as the practitioner brands are generally better and better price than what you get off the shelf.

good luck with it and if you want to know more just pm :)

19-02-2008, 14:25
I do acupuncture and take herbs but for something else and I swear by it.

My DH is also going to be starting acupuncture in a few weeks to help him relax and stimulate is concentration for Uni.

Hope it works for you and you find it relaxing as it has been for me.

all the best

19-02-2008, 14:32
I swear by it and have acupuncture for another reason, but the guy has given me a herb for stress/anxiety - major stuff last year - called
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (sometimes Wan, not Dan!) This has got me through international flights and all sorts of major stresses. I would suggest you see a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who can assess your whole system and treat accurately and accordingly rather than just self medicating with over the counter herbs.

Personally I think its so much better than drugs (if you can manage) that can have so many adverse and unwanted side effects.