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15-03-2006, 21:52
I went to my gyno on Monday and I have high blood pressure :( I am very confused about my appt so I am going to see my normal GP on Friday to get some answers. In one breathe my gyno was asking when I expected to finish work and in reply I answered 4 weeks and in reply he answered looks like it will be sooner. But then in the next breathe he says see you in 2 weeks, which are my normal appts, what tha????

Anyway all pregnancy my blood pressure has been border line apparently at nearly consistently 130/80 or and one reading of 130/70 and last appt 2 weeks ago it was 120/70 which is pre-pregnancy for me. But then this appt it sky rocketed to 130/85. I have been told since that the number on the bottom is the one you have to watch out for and it appears this is the first time I have been 85. So I am guessing he is just concerned with the steep increase it could be on its way up, I just don't know????

Hopefully the GP will ease my mind. When I rang her she said she would squeeze me in as she considered it to be high but asked if I was going back to my gyno in a week and when I said a fortnight she said no it has to be checked sooner then that. Anyway if I have to finish work earlier then so be it, but if I can try to control it myself with excercise and eating sensibly I will, cause if I finish 2 weeks earlier I will be stressing that I have to train the girl replacing me in 2 weeks rather then the 4 that we suspected....

Does anyone have any information on blood pressure during pregnancy and how to control it if there is such a thing? I am 30 weeks pregnant and just want to know what is going on. I feel fine, have a few headaches of late and sinus pain in the top of the nose, could this be related???

15-03-2006, 22:00
Hi Sheree,
I had High BP with my first pregnancy....it was boderline until 36 weeks, when I went to that appointment they took a reading of 160/90 and admitted me asap.I also had protein +++ I stayed for a week then they induced me.
I think you should be monitored every 2 days until it goes down....it could be that you were anxious and it rose or it could be on the rise.Best to get it checked reguarly.
I can't believe he said he would see you in a fortnight!
You can hire a BP monitor for at home if you are really worried.
Take care, Jen

15-03-2006, 22:02
Hi there,
I ended up getting high blood pressure later in my pregnancy. It was the lower number that my Dr was concerned with. Initially was 70, in early pregnancy, then it went to 90, and at one stage 100. I had to keep going to the Dr and hospital for checks, and blood tests. It is called pregnancy induced hypertension. I didn't end up needing to take anything, and was able to have a natural birth :)

15-03-2006, 22:03
I went for weekly appointments for my BP with O. I think you should definately keep a very close eye on it, but not stress out too much at this point. I have had the odd appointment this pregnancy where it has been up at 130 / 85 and just come back and get it rechecked a couple of hours later and it has usually gone back down.:thumbsup:

15-03-2006, 22:03
Oh thank you both for your quick replies.

So would you say it is ok atm then, and just needs to be checked incase it is on the rise to something higher?

15-03-2006, 22:08
I have a kidney disease which causes high BP and was on meds before and during my pregnancy.
My BP stayed at around 120/75 for all of my pregnancy until 4 days before my due date when it went up to 140/90...I was induced the next day.
Headaches can definately be a sign if high BP...I'd do as someone suggested and hire a moniter. You can them take your BP at random times and get a more accurate picture.
Good Luck with it all and try not to stress cos there is lots that drs can do:thumbsup:

15-03-2006, 22:11
I think they usually start to monitor your bp closely once the diastolic (bottom figure that measure the pressure of your heart at rest) is over 90. However, it may be less for pregnancy, I am not sure. Hypertension usually is 140/90 and higher. I am not pregnant but I suffer from diastolic bp where my bottom figure is high but the systolic is fine and I am on medication. I also had pre eclampsia.

I am not a doctor but if you are getting pre eclampsia there will be other signs like protein in urine, pain around the liver, strange visual sights, bad headaches and swelling of the legs. Rest is usually recommended but you may need medication if your bp keeps rising. You will probably just be monitored closely at first, just rest as much as possible.

Take care and hopefully your GP will be able to explain it all to you.

♥Heaven Sent♥
15-03-2006, 22:26
Like others have said it is usually 140/90 is when the doctors start to worry about pre-eclampsia and things like that but i would make sure u goto the doctors every couple of days or rent a bp monitior because it can come on quite qick i would also request a blood test for kidney/liver function and get your urine checked for proteins.They are doctors so they should know that this is a routine thing they should do when your blood pressure is on the rise.

Try not to stress out to much because stress can cause your blood pressure to be up.Rest up as much as possible.

♥Heaven Sent♥
15-03-2006, 22:29
Im in Perth and bougth a bp monitor the other week because in my last pg i had PE and im also diabetic so im keeping an eye on mine i bought my bp machine out right for $60 if ur in Perth pm me and i can tell you where i got it from.

15-03-2006, 23:27
Yeah, like it has been said - it is the nottom number that they are usually most concerned with. Text book or ideal BP is 120/80 - so your BP is not all that high really. Mine got to around 140/90 but my urine was clear that week. The next week I had lower BP (still 130/85) and had protein (36 weeks) so I was forced to finish work. Suprisingly (note sarcasm!) my BP dropped after this and I didn't have to be hospitalised but I was induced a week early. Do you have any swelling - I was the elephant woman.'

Good luck and let us know how you go xx:fingerscrossed:

15-03-2006, 23:54
During most of the end of my pregnancy (probably the last 7 weeks), I had high blood pressure. It was normally 180/70 or thereabouts...but just before I had my c-section (as in...as they were prepping me for surgery in the room right before the theatre)...it had sky-rocketted to about 190/106! I put that down to stress though.

During my pregnancy though, my GP kept on testing me (she made me come in every week) for all sorts of things, and the only problems I had were high blood pressure and nothing else. I kept getting tested for pre-eclampsia, but I NEVER had it...so nothing was done, other than "keeping a close eye" on it.

Hopefully you'll be fine...!

16-03-2006, 00:33
My bp measures very high when I am in the doctor's office. So I bought an inexpensive at-home monitor and have been tracking it that way for 2 months. We've checked it against the doctor's machine, and it gives the same readings, so she's no longer so worried about it. I'm generally between 124/74 and 111/64 at home.

I also have had to cut as much salt/sodium out of my diet as possible, and that seems to have helped a lot. If nothing else, it's made the swelling in my hands go away (haven't had any in my legs yet). And according to the scale at the doctor's office, I've lost weight, but they're not concerned about it as it's from eating better foods rather than eating less or something like that. I figure, veggie weight will be a lot easier to lose after bubs comes than cookie weight will be. :p

miss ani
17-03-2007, 21:50
i'm also 30 weeks, and my BP had gone up at my last appointment on thursday - 140/70. i was concerned, but my OB wasn't too concerned. i also had my mum check my BP the following evening and it was the same (admittedly though i'd just had a coffee). i'm trying hard not to worry... but it is hard. i know how you feel!!

18-03-2007, 10:55
With my third pregnancy i too was diagnosed with very high blood pressure. At my 36 week check-up my bp was 130/85 was sent straight to hospital and by the time i arrived there it was 160/110. Was admitted because of it being so high.I had to stay there for three days, was allowed home after on complete bed rest until my next appoitment and there was still no improvement so back to hospital. Anyway three days later went into labour and had to have an epiduraland afterwards my bp did come down. But at my 6 week check-up it was back up again. I am now on Aldomet and i also have a bp monitor at home and my bp is back to normal. So waht i am really trying to say if their is any doubt to your high numbers if you can try not to worry, get a bp monitor if you can and tyr to get as much rest as possible. I hope everything works out OK for you. Good Luck.

19-03-2007, 00:42
Towards the end of my pregnancy my bp was going up and up mine is usually around 120/70 and it was going up and down ranging between my normal and 125/85. The doc didn't seem to worried until i hit 160/100 and sent me straight to the hospital and i was admitted for PE and induced a week later.

19-03-2007, 07:38
i think 140/90 is the worrying amount, but maybe it's 140/80. My SIL had high BP at around 26 - 30 weeks at a number of her appointments (140/90 and 150/90), but then it settled and didn't go that high again. We put it down to stress.

You mentioned trying to exercise to control your blood pressure, but in pregnancy the way to lower your blood pressure is to relax and NOT exercise. That's why your doctor mentioned stopping work earlier. My friend had high blood pressure from 20 weeks and she had to cut back on work hours immediately and had to stop by 25 weeks. She wasn't allowed to do much at all except sit on the couch. She went on to have a healthy little boy at about 35 weeks, after a couple of hospital stays.

19-03-2007, 07:48
:eek: Oh my lordy I thought Sheree was preggers again and hadn't told me!!! LMAO :laughing: ;)

19-03-2007, 07:50
Hypertension in usually when the diastolic number goes up past 90.. I think he said to see u in a fortnight because he is expecting u to rest. in the lower 80's is fine as you body has increase blood flow during the last trimester.. However avoid resting on your back as it puts pressure on the veins and arteries causing them to become squashed which makes you blood pressure rise.. Try and lay on your left side.. And no stressing... thats not good for blood pressure either