View Full Version : pasta help URGENT!!!!!!!

17-10-2007, 17:51
How many grams of uncooked penne pasta do i need to get 150g of cooked pasta?
I have tried searching on google and cant find an answer and there is nothing on the packaging either.

17-10-2007, 17:54
It would be the same im assuming...

150g of cooked pasta is still the same as uncooked??

What u making?

17-10-2007, 17:59
its a weight watchers bacon and tomato pasta

17-10-2007, 18:01
Yeah it would be the same!!

So just get 150gm pasta and cook it up!!

Bacon and tomato pasta yummmmmmmm

17-10-2007, 18:03
cook a stack and weigh it before you chuck the dish together. I would think it would be heavier cooked than dry.

Shame they don't give the qty pre-cooked!

17-10-2007, 18:04
I thought the same too but why would they say 150gm of cooked pasta when no-one knows how much to cook?

Id say they mean get 150gm of pasta and cook it. Then it will be 150gm of cooked pasta??

17-10-2007, 18:05
I'd think it would weigh a bit more cooked, maybe 100 grams uncooked??

Sounds yummy by the way:chef:

17-10-2007, 18:08
As rule pasta triples in size when cooked so maybe try cooking 50gm uncooked then weigh it :)

17-10-2007, 18:12
triples in weight :eek: opps i did cook 150g uncooked, oh well at least i know ill have enough. I was a cheap pack so it doesnt matter if i have to waste heaps.
Thanks everyone :thumbsup:

17-10-2007, 18:15
I remember having this problem when I was doing WW with pasta... I worked out that 1/2 cup of uncooked pasta was the right amount for a single serve. (cant remember the points value though I am sorry). Hope that helps :)

17-10-2007, 18:34
i ended up with twice as much as i needed, so now i know for next time :thumbsup: