View Full Version : 1 week late-neg tests can i still be pg?

12-02-2006, 18:34
Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone can help me. I am 1 week late for af but have had 2 neg hpt one when i was 1 day late and one when i was 4 days late, i also had a neg blood test when i was 5 days late. :confused: Normally i would just shrug it off as neg but i have been reading things on another site where people kept having neg hpt and blood test til they were about 2-3months late and some only confirmed preg with an ultrasound. I never had this with my other 2 they showed up at 6 weeks and 5 weeks. The problem is i feel different, i have been feeling nauseous, extremely tired, frequent trips to the toilet, constipation(sorry tmi) :o , more saliva, lump in my throat, heartburn, dizziness, the only thing i haven't really got is the sore boobs. Has anyone on here had a similar experience and turned out to be pregnant or shoul i just stop worrying and assume that im not? we aren't trying we ideally would like to wait til next year. any comments, suggestions or stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

13-02-2006, 09:58
It is possible ... do you drink much during the day? It could be that the hormone is too dilute in your urine for an hpt to pick it up yet. I found that this was the reason why I needed to do several tests before I got my bfps.

Here's hoping for the outcome that pleases you most!

13-02-2006, 13:44
It is possible, but i would go with your instincts and if by the end of the week you've had no AF or HPT BFP I would go back to your doctor for a blood test again.

Also could there be any other reason why AF would be late?
Have you had unprotected BD this month?

13-02-2006, 14:24
I did 2 home tests 2 days and a week after a late period and both came back negative. I then went to the doctor and my urine test came back as a very faint positive so she did a blood test which came back positive. I was only about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant so thats why the urine tests didn't pick it up. Good luck :confused:

sugar n spice
13-02-2006, 16:09
I too feel totally pregnany but all the hpt come back a bfn, anyway i am still on the pill, are you on the pill or any form of contraception? I have , nausea, vomiting, light headness, yesterday sore boobs, back aches, craving spicy food it all i can stomache, i have had my periods though while on the pill though they only last about 2 - 2 1/2 days lately. sorry im no help:confused:

13-02-2006, 16:30
Hi everyone,
Yes i am on the pill but i missed 3 last month, i also found out the day i went to the dr for blood test that i had an infection, don't know if that could be why i missed my af :confused:
sugar n spice- hope this doesn't sound rude but im kinda glad that im not the only one out there experiencing this. The only time i have ever felt like this is when i have been pg. I did another hpt today and still a bfn :confused: if im not pg i would just like to know whats going on with my body :confused: .
Anyways thanks for all your advice and stories keep them coming pls :) its nice to have advice and know that im not going crazy lol

sugar n spice
13-02-2006, 18:17
Tanya i understand exactly as you feel i would like to know if the test are wrong and i am preg otherwise what the heck is wrong with me:confused:

13-02-2006, 18:49
Me too, am on the pill but didn't take it properly last month, got my period but wasn't normal. Have been feeling under the weather for a week now, can't face certain foods, sore throat off & on, crampy/achy legs, wild dreams & today sore boobs & weak cramps on left side. Did a test today negative so not sure whats going on, could be too soon for positive result. Like you SnS I am craving spicy food.

Guess we should all think about getting a blood test done at the docs. I am a little concerned as I had an ectopic before xmas so if I am pregnant I need to know asap so that I can get things checked out.

Lets hope we all find out soon.


sugar n spice
14-02-2006, 11:13
clare h yeah we should all go get some blood test, unless my dr is right and its a virus but the last 2 days i have started throwing up so i don't know whats going on. i might buy i test again today.:confused:

14-02-2006, 14:37
:)Hi Clare H and sugar n spice- ive had one blood test done when i was 5 days late and it was a bfn, i think i might leave it until im due again in weeks and go back then. but i agree with you clare you should probably get blood tests done, sometimes the drs aren't very helpful and think that youre making it up, but i say don't listen to them you know your body better than they do and you know something just isn't right, keep persuing it and maybe they will give in and give yuos and me an ultrasound that way we will know once and forall. it could also pick up if it is something else causing it. Hope you feel better soon and figure it all out soon, best of luck.:)

15-02-2006, 10:40
I felt normal again today but by end of the day sore boobs again, very confusing! There was 1 worrying thing that happened though, I caught the end of Home & Away last night, I haven't watched it for years & don't know the story lines at all but Sally's husband died - I only saw 5 mins of it & was in tears!!! I hope I am pregnant otherwise I really am SAD!!!

10-03-2006, 14:41
Hi out there,

this is my first posting ever, so not sure of most things!!??

Let me try and get the coding right...

I need to hear others experiences of pregnancy symptoms and also test with BFN.

DH and I just started trying 5 weeks ago. AF due Tue 7th, so 3 days late. Symptoms started on Sunday - very nauseas, very very tired, constantly feeling sick.

Did test last night and first wee this morning and BFN:eek: :thumbsdown: TOTALLY SHOCKED!! I was convinced I was pg. I have bought another test just now, and really want to take it soon, but know morning wee is the best. I don't have sore boobs, but normally do leading up to AF, so totally confused :confused:

I have booked in for a Dr's appt on Monday, but just can't stand not knowing.

Please please help with any advice or similar stories.

Thanking you in advance...

10-03-2006, 15:36
ive just being going through this same situation. my period is late and i have all the pregnancy symptoms that i had with my other pregnancies so i did a test and got a BFN. i was positive i was pregnant but i guess maybe im just run down.

10-03-2006, 19:55
I have exact same problem, I'm now 11 days overdue, I did 3 home tests and all negative and went for a blood test and still negative. At the time of all the tests I was between 5 - 7 days overdue. I have sore nipples, nausea, tiredness and still no af. I'm going away for a week and I'm going to try and put it out of my head and if still no af by the end of next week when I get back, I will try again. I can't handle doing tests anymore to see a negative result... I have never been pregnant before so its hard to compare anything, but this site has been unreal. Good luck with it :fingerscrossed: a lot of women have been telling me that they didn't get a positive result until atleast 14 days overdue, so I'm going with that.

10-03-2006, 22:27
Boy there are alot of us going thru the same thing.

I went and saw my doctor today cause my periods are 4 days late and I am on the pill aswell. I feel like I have been having pregnancy symptoms but I keep getting a BFN on two tests now. The doctor did a test and it was negative.

I was taking antibiotics 3 weeks ago and did the wild thing with DH around the middle of my cycle. The doctor beleives I am not pregnant and said sometimes the pill can make you not have a period cause they can be very light. I do not beleive this as this has never happened to me ever.

The symptoms I have been having are feeling sick, boobs feel bigger but not sore, bloating, ovary pains and food tastes different.

The doctor has told me to wait till next Wednesday to do another HPT if I have not had AF if it is still negative I then have to wait till I get AF to start the pill again.

10-03-2006, 23:39
Hi as you may of read earlier in this thread i was late for af had all the pg symptoms but neg tests. i went for ultra sound when i was 2 1/2 weeks late no bubba. I'm on the pill and was also on antibiotics my gp told me also that sometimes if you mess up taking the ie you forget or are on antibiotics that you can just miss your period for no reason also i was sick and run down and this can also make you miss it. Anyways i ended up getting af 5 days ago when it was due again, which for me is kind of a relief cos i stop worrying now and concentrate on getting better (still sick) and we don't really want another baby til this time next year, but saying all that i do know some people who haven't got a positive result until they were 2-3 weeks late so :fingerscrossed: for you that this is the case. Best of luck. :)

25-03-2006, 18:29
Hi All

I am 2 days late(normally regular as clockwork), 19 DPO and got everything crossed:fingerscrossed:

Have felt bloated (same as when preg with Lachlan), some nausea in mornings, feel like I might be preg but keep having adbominal pains (not cramps but niggles). Did PT yesterday and got BFN, will have to buy more and try again later in the week.

Could I be preg? As you can probably tell, I hope so!!!!!

25-03-2006, 18:48
Hi leanne :fingerscrossed: for you that you are cos obviously you really want to be. As i said in my earlier post i know of some people who don't get pos results until they are 2-3 weeks late, so like you said leave it a week and if af still hasn't arrived test again. Best of luck:)

25-03-2006, 18:52
Thanks Tanya

Will try and wait until the end of next week - could be a long week!!:hugs:

25-03-2006, 18:55
:hugs: I know what you mean i always cave in too early but i think the longer you wait to test the better the result iykwim. again best of luck :fingerscrossed:

28-03-2006, 22:50
Well, no luck again. AF arrived with a vengence this morning so guess we'll have to keep trying.:p

28-03-2006, 23:45
:hugs: Sorry to hear that Leanne. :fingerscrossed: for next month hopefully April is your month :)