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10-02-2006, 15:54
Does anyone know of anyplace to do bulk shopping?

15-02-2006, 13:22
Bilo has good bulk savings on meat and most supermarkets will have some stuff up for grabs in bulk. I think maybe the markets you can get more bulk goodies.

16-02-2006, 11:46
I buy washing powder and dishwashing powder in bulk at big W. You can get coffee and thing like that here too.
It saves heaps.
Also, if you shop around sometimes it saves to buy cheese in bulk at the deli rather than in the 1kg blocks in the fridge at Coles etc
There are places such as Campbells Cash and Carry (in Qld, not sure if that is everywhere) but we had a look and you really need to kow your prices. Often it was cheaper to buy it from the supermarket, which is what we do.
That's about it for us,

16-02-2006, 12:00
My parents own a Minimart so have to try and buy stuff cheaper so they can sell it at a price that is competitive to the supermarkets. They get some stuff at Campbells Cash & Carry, but they find that keeping an eye on the junk mail and waiting for the supermarkets to have things on special works out much cheaper.

I started a spreadsheet (cause I'm a bored SAHM, lol) of all the products I use and then each week I update it with where it is on special and for how much. Once I do the shopping I update it with how much I paid for it and what date, then when the specials come out next week I can look at the spreadsheet and see if it's a good price (cause my memory is shocking). I usually keep about 4 weeks worth of prices on it at one time.

07-03-2006, 22:52
There are places such as Campbells Cash and Carry

I used to work at Campbell's Cash & Carry in Adelaide. Started in checkout and was the receptionist for a few years until i went on mat leave with ods and never went back lol.
Imho they are just as expensive as a regular supermarket and customers often get confused as to what the prices are 'cause they have a case buy and single buy price on the shelf stickers. And also they tend to turn public away as they're a wholesaler for businesses. Although i thought this was a bit silly and gave out day passes to the general public anyway lol:shame: shhhhhhh ;)

i also find Big W is really good value when it comes to Washing powder, toilet paper and dishwashing liquid and dishwasher poweder and tablets.:thumbsup:

23-03-2006, 18:41
I'm another all for Big W for bulk purchases, especially washing powder. I buy zachs disposables from there too cos they have huge packs of snugglers (the biggest you can buy) there and they work out cheaper than basically every other nappy (except cloth of course which I use for my daughter)

Shop around for a butcher, ask around your friends theres a good one about 15 mins from me that always has good specials on and cheaper if u buy in bulk and they do huge freezer packs too which work out even more of a bargain... if its too much just for you, you can always split with a friend. Fruit and veg markets are heaps cheaper (and better quality) than supermarkets too and if you get a few friends together that use similar items to you, you can have a chat to your butcher or fruit and veg market owners and see if they will organise a discount if one of you does a big bulk shop for the lot of you.

Harry&Max's Mummy
23-03-2006, 19:13
There is a place at Matraville on Perry St (Sydneys eastern suburbs) called uncle bucks. They sell toilet paper, huggies by box of i think 100 huggies wipes, washing powder etc. Last week i bought a box of huggies wipes box of three 240 packs for $38.00 and 48 rolls of cottonelle toilet paper for $17.95 (that was a special in local paper)

04-04-2006, 22:28
Oooh i just got the Ausvac catalogue in the mail and they have bulk handwash, toilet paper, cleaning products, scourers and lots of other stuff with great prices for bulk buys. Looks like i may have to go down there check it out ;)

04-04-2006, 22:58
Lizzymcfizzy I love your avatar!!!

Go Daria!!! :smiliedance:

09-04-2006, 21:59
YES! There is one online I found: www.thebulkwarehouse.com.au (http://www.thebulkwarehouse.com.au)
I've just placed my first order! I ordered nappies, formula, toilet paper and nappy sacks! The freight is a killer but all up we have saved $20. Not bad eh?! :thumbsup:

ALSO! If you are in Brisbane http://www.mumshappynappies.com.au/

10-04-2006, 16:29
does anyone know where i can do bulk shopping in geelong or near geelong?